Wednesday 11 July 2012

Oh Joy

Dearest Blog

I am back! Hoooorrrrraaaay is all I can say as I have found myself rather oddly lost without being able to post my bits and bobs on you over the past two weeks. How oddly dependent I have become on you and the virtual friendships, chatter, inspiration and joy you give me. Oh yes, also the place for me to log snippets of my life and creativity too. 

So while you were away I actually found myself being able to focus more on the physical rather than the virtual.I've been busy doing this and that and making and thinking and reading and playing. It's been fun and I feel that I will have a more balanced approach to the amount of time I spend blogging, blog hopping and inter-netting.

So, here are some photo's of tiny snippets of what's been giving me joy recently.

Eventually getting round to hanging my flying ducks I found in a local charity shop as shown on this post here

Going on wet, soggy summer time? walks with Alice

Adoring Beth's amazing English Country Garden (whilst sipping on some wine mind you)

Remembering how much I adore this mustard yellow colour

And this happy blue space with copious chatting, knitting and cups of tea

Watching Alice getting 'gunged' at her last junior school fete (it has been a personal mission of her's to get gunged!)

Some blue sky day dreaming and cloud shape guessing

Seeing double rainbows whilst cycling back home through our local park (can you see the very faint second rainbow in the top left hand corner?)

Spotting retro coaches outside the de la warr pavilion

Cycling along the coast most evenings before the sun sets

Being the EXTREMELY fortunate winner of this beauty from Fee at her fabulous blog Chipper Nelly.

How very much I love this beautifully crafted wooden box filled with wonderland vintage covered blocks. Thank you Fee, it was the highlight of my week x

Spotting some diamond jubilee art work on our beach

Knitting, knitting, knitting a very sweet cardigan for Bethan much like the one I knitted for her last year which I will pop on my blog once I have blocked it and added the finishing touches.

Watching Alice muck about with acrylic colours

Pottering in charity shops, junk yard sales and a more upmarket restored Georgian shop

And last but not least the photo with me thinking "Hmm I think I can make one of those for 1/10th of the price" !

It's good to be back
I'm looking forward to catching up with your blogs
Thanks for visiting


  1. I can be sure that you absolutely love your winnings and am so glad (I wouldn't have liked sending them to someone who didn't really appreciate them!!!)
    Thanks for sharing them again...fee x

  2. Welcome back Penelope! And what a wonderful post, full of beautiful images and happy things! I Love your Alice blocks!!
    Victoria xx

  3. It's nice to have you back! Lovely photos! The flowers are beautiful and I love the outside blue chair photo! Is that your garden? Rachel x

  4. How lovely to hear from you again :)

    Great photos. I love seing rainbows, they're just so beautiful. The Jubilee design on the beach looked really cool. I also love your flying ducks. Didn't Hilda Ogden have a set on Corrie?

  5. Welcome back! We missed you x

    I know just what you mean about getting the balance right between doing stuff online and just doing stuff. I think we all take a while to sort that one out, not sure I have yet!

    Much ducky love ;D

    Jealous as hell that you won the blocks, but I couldn't think of a better home for them x

  6. Super photos - it's a lovely summary of your days.

    Must say that Alice doesn't look too chipper about the grunging, even though she wanted it. Must have been a weird feeling. :)

    One day you and I are going to cycle/bump into each other, for sure. :)

  7. Lovely to hear your online voice again. How blissful that sounds being able to cycle along the coastline most evenings. Adore the old coach. We see one in Southwold and keep wanting to hop on board to wherever it's going.

    Lucky you winning those fabulous blocks. Jealous grrrr.


  8. What a beautiful post! All those stunning pics. Congrats on your fabulous win - it's a beauty.

  9. Beautiful pictures as usual, and coincidently I was looking at them as a discussion about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland started on the radio!
    Hope all is well xxx

  10. Looks like your adventures have been varied and wonderful. Thanks for sharing these beautiful glimpses. The double rainbow is just breathtaking. And I do love getting inspired by something while I am out and about and knowing that I can make my own for much cheaper!

  11. Welcome back - though I should say I have been a bot 'away' myself since my Kiwis arrived..I tried to keep up with my blog but it all went a bit ear shaped. However they are away a few days sp we have had a rest and I'll try and blog tomorrow. You got it exactly right with the 'balance', it is a fine dividing line between too much of one or the other.

    I LOVE your Blue Space - I especially love that shade of blue on your log cabin/summer-house. My garden chairs were to have been that shade but somehow my other half thought they would be better in a decidedly 'off' yellow!

  12. Hello! Some lovely pics - my faves are the mustard flower, the rainbow, your blue garden space and the jubilee stone picture. Oh, and the gunge, what fun!

  13. Is it wrong to have had a cheeky peek at Miss Mouse's cardigan?
    It's going to be beautiful! Thank you xx