Monday 22 October 2012

Chunky snuggly

Thank you for your get well wishes, we are all on the mend and it's good to feel a little more human again.

I wanted a quick and easy project to start and complete over the weekend whilst languishing on the couch with tissues and lemsip. I scratched around in my stash (which feels like it needs some serious re-stocking!) and found the above three balls of Rico melange chunky yarn that I must of purchased last year. I had the perfect pre-winter quick crochet project in mind inspired by the lovely Victoria of Yarn around hook found here.

The original pattern as Victoria says comes from Annaboo's House and is deliciously chunky and super easy to crochet for any beginner.

I used two balls of yarn together with an 8mm hook (it was the biggest one I had without having to go out and buy a 15mm hook which the pattern suggests). I love the way the green and grey have entwined in this cowl/snood.

The perfect chunky snuggly gift to give this Christmas me thinks.
It's super warm and comfortable too. I think I have found myself a new love in the chunky side of hooky :o)

I can't believe I am thinking of Christmas presents already, my goodness, it really is getting closer.
Are you making any handmade presents this year?
Let me know, I'd love to come and see.


  1. I am thinking that I will make christmas presents this year, I just need to come up with an idea!

  2. Yes, closer, and closer! That looks so warm and cosy, sometimes you just need to keep your neck warm, it's hard to know what to do with all the extra bits of a scarf! Lovely colour! Ada :)

  3. Ooh this cowl is on my to make list :) love the colours in that gorgeous yarn you've used!
    Victoria xx

  4. Love the yarn and the pattern. These are going to be great Christmas gifts!

  5. Hello Penelope! I'm so happy that you found my little blog, as it means that I've found yours too! And what a gorgeous snood that is, I think I've the perfect yarn stashed away for this (for a scarf that I never got around to knitting!) ... I'm going off to find the pattern at Annaboo's house right now! xx

  6. Scarily close! I've committed to making three pairs of Runrig Mitts for my nieces and I'll be producing edible gifts closer to the date. The rest I'll have to shop for!

    *Love* the cowl, and I really enjoyed Alice's pics in the last post. Hope you are all completely better now, there are some foul colds around this autumn!

  7. Back again! I was going to reply to your email by email but you're a no-reply blogger. Just email me those knitting questions, not quite the same as one to one but I'll help if I can x

  8. That looks very snuggly indeed. It's already time for cowls here - must keep the back of the neck warm! And yes, I will be making many gifts this year - and I have no idea yet what they will be. Deary me. :)

  9. Oh dear! I've missed do much over the past few days! Sorry you've been laid low with the sniffles, I hope you are on the mend now. Love all Alice's pictures, it's a great idea. I'm also a great Angie Lewin fan, lino is a great medium to work with.
    Looks like you are keeping busy despite the bugs
    Penny xxx

  10. most of my gifts are handmade, it is totally the way to go for me! Even though it takes my time I know that I am making soething perfect for the person intended for which is so important :O)
    you will be making someone very pleased with a cuddly cowl this wintery christmas!

  11. I love the two colours together, they go perfectly, and it must be super snuggly.....a size 15 hook, sounds massively big, I don't think I have anything bigger than a nine.

    The cowl is a great present idea, I have certainly been thinking presents and started a blanket a couple of weeks ago, I was looking at the first few squares last night and thinking about them again this morning at some unearthly hour (why is crochet on my mind at 5am?) I intend to make a lot of presents this year, but reality hasn't sunk in yet.

    (I too enjoy a glass (or two) of red on a Friday night, probably the only night I do, but with hubby being away, and living a little remotely I didn't drink, just in case I needed to jump into action....however I will have my glass this evening, never fear!)

  12. They're fab those cowls, aren't they? I couldn't believe how quickly it made up (or how much yarn using a 15mm hook uses!!).
    Hope you're having a great weekend - it might be cold, but us crocheters won't be suffering from cold necks, will we?
    Victoria x