Saturday 13 October 2012


October awakening 
I saw october awakening right infront of me
And it was amazing
Because I Knew that I was going to be a part of october

Aldo Kraas 

Yesterday, I woke up feeling melancholic, not sure why, but I put it down to that "Autumn feel" in the air. The sun was shining, blue skies above but the wind was whistling which unnerved me somewhat. There were memories whirling about me, memories from my university days and early 20's in South Africa. Something felt different and then the obvious became apparent, I too am having seasons in my life and am changing, my mortality so real and the importance of embracing these changes, moulding into something different yet the same  as I am living in the second half of my life.

There was a point where I felt I could let it get to me and allow that black dog in the recesses of my mind lurk into some form of significance but then I chose to renounce it and instead I chose to gather what I could, gather the right here and now of October. Make it a celebratory thing instead of a negative thing.

And so, I went walking in the woods, just me and the wind, we went walking and gathering what October has become.

I started to be restored, all my fears and anxieties lifted and my sadness was absorbed into those October leaves.

Nature had restored what life had stripped away.
Restored and renewed to embrace another day.
All better now, ready to gather November


  1. Great post Penelope. Let's hope that you really have found the solution to your feelings. Sometimes, however hard I try I just want to yell, swear and then lie on the floor and feel sorry for myself. Beautiful pics by teh way.

    Lisa X

  2. Beautifully written Penelope.....this echos my own feelings so well but I could not have put them into words so eloquently. I'm glad you braved the wind and got close to nature....your collection is beautiful and we are lucky to be able to enjoy it. Thank you for this post.
    Jacquie x

  3. Beautiful nature walk Penelope. I find nature and fresh air a wonderful treatment for a troubled mind.
    Victoria xx

  4. Beautifully written thoughts, Penelope and they struck a chord within me. There is something about the present moment, surrounded by nature, which erases our concerns.

    I too am very aware of mortality; my father's, my mother's, mine too, yes.

    Have a beautiful Sunday embracing it all.


  5. I too have been feeling melancholy this month ... there's something about that cold wind and the dying of the year - and yes, the growing realisation of one's own mortality. (Losing my mom this year really brought it home to me.)

    Thank you for this lovely post. Have a wonderful Sunday. :)

  6. Just think; the second half of life is far more rewarding and productive than the first, which is predominantly growing and learning. Now is the time to put all those lessons into action and swing fully into the passions you've grown to love in your life. Wishing you all the best with your journey!

  7. lovely post, perhaps I can shake off that grey feeling today... inspired to go for a walk with the camera, thanks x

  8. oh those colours are beautiful.

  9. I struggle with this time of year too, especially with clocks going back in a couple of weeks. You are right though, the only way to cope is to get out there and embrace it. Your Autumn colours are beautiful...x

  10. What a lovely post, so true! I adore Autumn but have been feeling slightly odd of late and couldn't put my finger on why. You have made perfect sence. Your photographs are really beautiful. Thank you xxx

  11. Lovely post. You are right, we have to focus on the positive of all seasons. I don't feel good about November though, but ... ;-) All the best! Regula

  12. This is such a lovely post. I rather like the coming of the Autumn, choosing to see the nights drawing in as cosy. Going a walk through the woods seems to have been just the right tonic for you. Your first photograph reminds me of the nature table in my youngest's reception classroom! Even in a town there have been conkers, chestnuts and lots of berries and leaves to collect.
    Victoria x

  13. I know this time of year should really be for slowing the pace and curling up, but I see it as being fresh and invigorating...though hurry up the longest day - I think that waiting is making me a little impatient.

    Nina x

  14. Hello there, glad you're feeling a bit more at one with October now. I am happy to see Autumn, but am sick of all the rain (which has started up again).
    Have a lovely week xox