Saturday, 27 October 2012

Clever Penny

Hello little blog and visiting friendly peeps, sometimes I don't know how to start a blog post as I get confused about whether I am writing this for my own delight ie. a diary entry for my future reference or if I'm writing to say hi,hello, hey look what I've been up to...been making, it's fun, you can do it too, please leave a comment so I can engage with you my virtual and real friends, I enjoy your company, I do.

There are so many of you that I would love to meet up with, I feel like having copious cups of tea and a slice or two of cake with so many of you. I do indeed. 

Now, on with celebrating a friend I met via the blogosphere, her name is Penny and she is clever and creative and hey, she's even got her own planet! Oh, and we happen to share the same name and her clever son lives in my seaside town, so I get to meet up with her every now and then. Have you all guessed whom I'm talking about? Yes, it's Penny of Planet Penny fame!

The last time we met up Penny very generously gave me some of her white cotton, a hook, red buttons and some Christmas crochet patterns, which can actually be found in her etsy shop here

I very quickly hooked up and blocked a few of these snowflakes, such a quick and easy pattern.

I will be making some of these into a garland for Christmas celebrations and maybe a present or two for family and friends. I love the stark whiteness of this cotton it makes the snowflakes looks so authentic.

I wanted to put a couple of these blocked snowflakes to good use in the mean time and so I casted on 40 stitches to my knitting needles to follow Penny's easy wrist warmer pattern found here

I wanted something jolly and happy to cheer me up this past week because it's been a foggy, grey, dull week here in East Sussex with very rare glimpses of sunshine.

And so, these fingerless wrist warmers were made with a pretty contrasting snowflake for embellishing them.

Good fun don't you think?

Thank you so much Penny for your wonderful inspiration, you are one clever lady!

Have a great brrrr chilly northern hemisphere weekend and for those of you in the southern hemisphere...well with green envy can I wish you a wonderful warm sun basking weekend.
See you soon


  1. Ooh, those mitts looks soo cosy and pretty with the snowflakes on. I love the pink and red stripes, they are just what we need to cheer us up in this miserable weather. Thank you for the lovely blog post celebrating our serendipitous meeting, here's to lots of tea and cake in the future! xxx

    1. Thanks so much Penny, I like the jolliness of them too, I'm actually giving them to a friend of mine for her 40th birthday on Wednesday, I'm sure she'll get some joy from them.

  2. These are really great! I love them! Ada :)

  3. Isn't it lovely that you can find kindred spirits in this here wobbly web, I am so touched and amazed by the lovely people I have 'met'

    I was given some White cotton for my birthday and it has Christmas written all over it, I am so looking forward to breaking it open and making snowflakes.

    Love the arm warmers, such a great gift and the snowflakes are just perfect for them, you are a clever one!

    Have a cosy, warm weekend!

  4. Gorgeous wrist warmers Penelope! Love the pink and red together! In the coming weeks I shall be having a go at some of penny's patterns they are fab! Thank you for introducing me to her blog:)
    Victoria xx

  5. The wrist warmers are gorgeous! x

  6. great idea, I adores the stripey colours and the snowflake just makes them extra special! X

  7. I love the colours you've used for the wrist warmers - i have a striped jumper in exactly the same pink and red!

  8. When I first starting knitting I used to use red and pink together loads, I only thought the other day how much I missed this combo and now I'm reminded just how great it looks. Adorned with a snowflake even better and now I see you're being super generous again with your makes and passing them on.

    I keep wanting to meet up with Penny again and I only live down the road as it were, but I'm hopeless at getting my act together. She is lovely company indeed.

    I'm thinking of ordering Mollie Makes, is it any good Penelope? I sort of like the magazine, but I'm not head over heels with it so not sure if I should buy or not.

    I was so thrilled to read that your Alice is just the same as Rosey. To be honest, it's hideous. The mood swings are casting a very large shadow over our house. They come at you like a shot in the dark don't they when you least expect it. I also get huge attacks of jealousy when I cuddle or laugh with Millie who is so easy going - tehn I get accused of favouritism. Deep breaths.Oh and with the knitting, as I wrote my post I thought of you. Funny how blogging friends feel like people you can connect with in the way that I thought bet Penelope will relate to the lack of patience thing.

    Hope you have a good and quietish half-term if you're off work. X

  9. Lucky you to meet Penny! The wrist warmers are so very cosy and cheerful-looking, and the snowflakes perfect for them. We're all about wrist and neck warmth right now - when we got up this morning it was 20º F outside (let's see - junior high math, come to my rescue - 5/9(F-32) - carry the one - i before e except after c - oh forget it I'll just let Google calculate...) or -6.67º C. Brrrr!

    Have a wonderful Sunday. :)

  10. Love, love, love the colours you have used - they look fabulous!

  11. Hi Penny, now I have always called you Penelope, because I never know whether people like having their names shortened!

    Yes, comments are the life blood of a blog, we all look for them and I thanks you for the many lovely ones you have left for me. I love the ones which really engage me, and join in the conversation. But then I do like a natter! And I do agree, blogging has made me some lovely friends out there in Blogland. And I don't even knit!!!! Lx

  12. Loving the snowflakes and handwarmers! I've got a vintage crochet pattern for snowflakes hidden somewhere in my room that I'll have to dig out soon and get started with. You've got me wanting to make a pair of handwarmers as well, except crocheted as my knitting is absolutely appalling!! Keep up the good work!

  13. Hi there - your comment on Knitsofacto's blog in which you mentioned "crafty book lust" made me laugh out loud. I don't think you are alone in your affliction, I too have crafty book lust. And now I am here, visiting your blog which looks very lovely. I'm going to finish reading Annie's comments and then come back to have a proper nose around!

  14. Ooh. stripes! Love 'em!! That is such a bright, fun knit, do you smile when you wear them? I would :D

  15. WOw - i love these! So glad I found you via Tangled Sweetpea! xxx