Saturday 17 August 2013


Thank you to all of you who visit my funny old blog and for your fabulous comments and conversation about our holiday snaps. I did manage to get to a yarn shop in the heat of Barcelona and purchased some deliciously gorgeous hand dyed local yarn which I will share in another post.
I'm back to my weekly happies, I missed out the first 2 weeks of August with being away and this past week having gone back to work was very busy trying to play catch up and get ready for our next Summer break this coming week. We are off camping with the hope that the heat and sunshine will reappear after hiding away for a lot of this past week. We camp quite locally as we can't be faffed to spend a day in the car getting somewhere and our car isn't big enough to accommodate for my glamping idea of camping! I like a proper portable mattress and duvet please, none of the sleeping bag malarkey (been there and done that for most of my childhood) :o)
So on with some sweet happy moments this past week;
My scrappy top down cardigan I am knitting, I have gathered all my scraps of DK yarn and am putting them to good use by making this scrappy cardigan which I can slouch around the house in this Winter. I hope to finish this next week on the campsite, unless I get distracted with crochet.                          
Alice baked some Nigella Lawson "cheesy feet" (quick and easy recipe found here) this week. They are delicious and we like to add a little more pepper and a tiny sprinkle of cayenne pepper into ours. Yum!
Some present giving to my two colleagues going on maternity leave (these little pixie hats I knitted) and a lovely Italian dinner out.
Last, but not least some posies of my potted flowers picked after coming back from Barcelona. I was surprised to see how many of our pot plants survived and still flowered without being watered while we were away.
On a less happy note, I woke up to discover that we had been burgled last night! Our telly and mine and Alice's purses were taken. Nothing else, just mindless theft. The Sussex Police have been really efficient with statements and forensics this morning. A real pain to have to cancel cards and try and remember what other things I had in my purse. Horrid to think someone was lurking downstairs whist we were all asleep upstairs. Never mind, I 'm just pleased we were left alone and hope that what goes around comes around with such needless behaviour.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and I hope to catch up with you soon. I'm off to get a new library card, can't live without that!



  1. Enjoy camping, we are hoping to get away last weekend in August too, here's hoping the Irish sun will shine. Sorry about robery. Painful!

  2. How dreadful about the burgling. It's not only a hassle, but it is frightening and also such an invasion of your personal space and place.
    Have a wonderful camp-out and I hope the sun shines on you.
    p.s. The sweater looks wonderful.

  3. Goodness, a burglary, how awful. You sound remarkably chipper under the circumstances. Good for you!

    Happy camping :)

  4. Have a wonderful camping break Penny ... love your cardigan ... and so sorry about the robbery ... how awful ... Bee xx

  5. I've just been admiring your wonderful holiday pics, but I've stopped here to leave a comment if that's ok Penny. Firstly how bloody awful having that theft from your home Penny. My thoughts are with you and thinking how great it was as it was and not worse. I hope you are being as pragmatic about it as you sound.
    Enjoy your camping and I'll do a non-rain dance for you in the hope it stays away for a wee while.

    Lisa x

    1. It's quite funny, I do feel ok about it all, unfortunately I have had a worse experience having lived in South Africa, this feels rather mild in comparison. I am just grateful for the fact that we are unharmed x Penny

  6. So glad that there was only loss of items.

  7. Penny I'm so sorry you were burgled :( It's very scary but I think you've got the right attitude, no one was hurt & they came & left. I just don't understand why someone thinks they have the right to break into another persons home & take their property. Earn it!!

    Anywho, I do love your cheesy feet, that made me laugh!

  8. Happy camping....we are garden camping this week, just off for my first night under canvas! Your holiday pictures look FAB what a great place! :) x

  9. Penny, I'm so sorry to hear you were burgled. Thank goodness you can be so stoical about it, you have completely the right attitude and I hope the police find the little toe rag.
    On a lighter note, enjoy your camping. Do hope it stays dry for you .. if not, don't touch the sides of the tent ;)

  10. Loving the top down cardigan, sorry to hear about the burglary. Hope the weather stays nice for you! Jo

  11. I love those cheesy kids would find them totally hilarious.

    Nina x

  12. Oh Penny! I am so sorry to hear about the burglary but happy that you found some happiness this week! Love those cheesy feet :) Looks delicious x

  13. Sorry to hear about the burglary, how awful.
    Love those biscuits, must check out the recipe.
    M x

  14. Love the colours of the cardi Pen. Sorry about the meanies who took your telly and such!

  15. So glad you have a lot of cheerful to balance against the unpleasant bit at the end ... and glad too that you are all safe. I had a purse stolen once (but from my workplace which is much less invasive than from the home), and it is awful to have to cancel all the cards and try to replace all the bits and bobs.

    Your cardi looks like it will be so comfy come winter, and those happy feet look delicious.

    I just looked at your holiday snaps and they are stunning. What a beautiful place!

  16. I'm glad you are all ok, it's awful having to sort things out after being burgled. On the other hand, that cardigan looks amazing!

  17. Oh Sweetheart, I'm just catching up with everyone, I'm so sorry. I hate how people feel they can just take what's not theirs. I'm glad you are all ok, hope they catch them soon :) xxx