Friday 30 August 2013

Naughty but nice

I've had a busy busy week being back at work after our holidays, it's left me dog tired, but I have found some time to be naughty in the evenings with this ...

The reason why I say naughty, is because I was supposed to be keeping focused with finishing knitting the sleeves of my scrappy cardigan, however I have found myself distracted with this chevron, ziggy zaggy baby blanket I am making for Lynette who is expecting her first bundle of joy in December. 

The pattern is from my copy of this gorgeous book by Jane Brocket. I have made a blanket in this style for myself before and when I went to one of my local yarn stores on Monday lunch time, I saw this Rico Aran 100% wool yarn and simply couldn't resist purchasing these beautiful colours.

I'm really not into blue for boys and pink for girls when it comes to baby blankets, I prefer more earthy colours and my thoughts behind these colours and the order in which I crocheted them was deep earth,earth, grass, sun and sky.

My plan is to repeat this pattern and colour pattern once again to complete the blanket. The first colour I crocheted to represent "deep earth" is actually a deep grey but looks almost purple in the above photo, maybe it looks more purple in the sunlight?

The easy rhythmic crochet of this pattern is ever so gently addictive, I just can't stop!

Wishing you all a marvelous weekend
I can feel the season changing as we head into September, goodbye August


  1. Ooh, I love this ... perfect colour choices, they make me think of beaches :)

  2. It is a lovely blanket and I know it will be treasured for years to come. You are a stellar crocheter! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. Looks a lovely blanket. I've been rippling in Rico for ages - for my son. But the return to work and school this week has also meant a return to being shattered and insufficient hours in the day. I need to sort it out before it becomes the norm. I need a little bit of time for me to be able to craft or crochet each day! x

  4. Lovely Penny - and I must admit I'm a bit of a sucker for Jane Brocket's books x Jane

  5. Lovely Penny - and I must admit I'm a bit of a sucker for Jane Brocket's books x Jane

  6. I'd love to try this and a ripple but it looks very complicated and I'm not sure I'm up to that just yet! One very lucky baby! :) x

  7. Looks gorgeous Penny, rippling is so soothing once you get the hang of it. Love the colours you chose.
    Hope your weekend is relaxing.
    Jacquie x

  8. Stunning ... the colours are beautiful ... Bee xx

  9. Beautiful colours Penny. I too have been a bit naughty of late - but in reverse to you - I am doing anything and everything to avoid my ripple, it's so nearly finished now, but I'm bored and I keep getting distracted with other interesting mini-projects! The problem is I made it too big to start with - never will I make such a jumbo blanket again!
    Hope you are well, and not to exhausted from your return to work
    Em xx

  10. It is lovely and the Rico yarns are great to work with.

  11. Greatly admiring your crochet skills my dear
    Best wishes

  12. Hello lovely Penelope!

    I too am admiring your crochet skils. It all looks to terribly complicated to me ;-) Those colours are both peaceful and inspiring. I always feel in the mood for blue when the sun is shining. I hope this baby blanket soothes your tiredness away...



  13. Oooh, baby blanket making....that's so my favourite thing to do, as you can totally indulge without having to make something the chevrons and your choice of colours....your gift is perfect!

  14. Gorgeous blanket is coming along :) It will be a warm (literally) gift for a baby :) Have a wonderful day ahead!

  15. Very lovely. I especially love the colours you chose. Xo