Monday 26 August 2013


Oh what a glorious week of camping we have had followed by the bank holiday weekend at our church conference in Ashburnham Place. We started out camping on the Bank holiday, but after all the rain and puddles in our tent by Saturday late afternoon we chickened out and came home to sleep. Someone mentioned to me that we had had about 2 weeks worth of rain on the Saturday, hence those puddles :o)

So, here are some of my beautifully free joyful moments over this past week...

Smiling at my tunic making efforts last weekend before we went camping. I decided to practice making a tunic with an old duvet cover I have and thinking I could sleep in it once made. Well, the tunic pattern wasn't what I hoped for, but I do get to sleep in a loved soft recycled cotton duvet cover in the warm Summer nights and Andy summed it up politely by suggesting that he was sleeping next to a pillow case (cheeky boy!)

Picking some flowers on our walks and sharing tea and cake with friends on the camp site.

Cycling to the beach and making some more crochet covered pet rocks for Alice and her friends who seem to be amused by them.

Enjoying "Alice's mess" ie. her scrambled egg that she makes for breakfast.

Beautiful grounds of Ashburnham Place where our New Ground Conference was held this past weekend.

The beautiful lake early this morning reminding me how I live by Gods Lavish Grace and mercy.

I hope all of you have found sweet little joys in your life this past week as I have.

Thank you also for the very kind messages about our burglary, we have now fitted a double lock on both front and back doors which should act as an extra guard against easily breaking in. 

I'm back to work tomorrow whist Alice has another week and a half off with Andy until school restarts.

Thanks always for your fab comments and conversation, always appreciated.

See you all soon with my scrappy cardigan progress 


  1. Hi Penny, I think your tunic looks fab ...much too nice to sleep in, though I'm sure it will be super that fabric.
    Why didn't I remember pet rocks while I was on the beach ?!
    Just read about your burglary....sorry to hear about that.
    Jacquie x

  2. Sweet little joys are such gifts. I do believe you have a beautiful daughter there. What a wonderful photo...a real keepsake. Sorry about the puddly camping, but I imagine your conference was wonderful. Liking your tunic as well.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. I think your tunic is really pretty, don't listen to him. :) I'm sorry to hear about your burglary, how scary. :(

  4. I'd be delighted if I managed to make a tunic so well. It looks great even if you do only use it for pjs. You still need to look good in bed!
    Rosie xx

  5. You tunic is great, not just for bed! Where with pride Penny, wear with pride! :) x