Saturday 21 September 2013

52 Weeks of Happy 38/52

Hello there
I feel like I have been in a timeless bubble of hurly burly this last week. If I didn't have the weekends to really slow down I would surely crash :o) How has your past week been? Sometimes I find myself having to really stop and focus on what has brought me a little joy over the week, these posts keep me mindful of that and I don't really capture half of the things that really matter, like kind words, a hug, a feeling, thoughts etc.
Always included in my joyfulness is a yarny moment (or two) and this week I found the most perfect round pebble whilst going for a walk on the beach after work one day and knew exactly what I was going to do with it. And so voila, here we have a red covered pebble. I love the feel of these pebbles once I have crocheted over them. They feel so wholesome, so good and therapeutic in one's hand (ok I'm going a little barmy here about these little things but it's true, I promise).

My little collection of these is growing, Andy thinks I might be able to open a museum one day (he he)

End of Season Alliums are a work of art in their own right. I simply adore them and like to pop them in old bottles around the house.

Hey, guess what? I finished the sleeves on my scrappy cardigan! Hooray, now I need to get on with the collar and button bands and hopefully it will be ready to go for October chills. I'm quite liking how all my scraps have been married up here. Alice has asked me to promise never to wear it out the house though :o) I remember those early teen days being embarrassed about what my mum wore, weird to think that I'm the mum now!

I made some mushroom pate for a friend who was having a surprise party for her husband's 50th birthday last night. It was delicious(although doesn't look particularly appetising!) with rustic French bread. My mum used to make it and its so easy if you want to give it a go?
Grate a punnet of mushrooms, chop up half a medium sized onion and 1 clove of garlic. Fry the onions and garlic till soft, add the grated mushrooms and a good glug of red wine and cook well until all moisture has evaporated. Take off the hot plate, season with loads of freshly ground pepper a wee bit of salt and add a tub of creamy Philadelphia type cheese and let it cool, pop in fridge and serve when chilled...Yum

Oh and I cast on some toddler socks for my niece who is 18 months old, I simply had to take a small portable project on the train to London on Thursday (it takes me 2 hours each way). So I decided on using up some left over sock yarn that I used to knit Alice some socks with last year. Its so quick to knit little people socks, I'm loving this project.  They will be added to her Christmas parcel this year.

Last, but not least, I bought a little Mid-Winter jug, just couldn't resist the colours and pattern. Oh dear, I will never be able to live in a minimalist home!

Happy Weekending to you all


  1. I think the pate sounds delicious. I love mushrooms as well as cream cheese so I think I would enjoy it a lot. If you're starting a museum, I will definitely visit; my husband already calls our bed "the crochet museum" because of all the crocheted things I've made for it. :)

  2. Gorgeous happy things Penny, love your pet rocks and stripy projects. I'm in awe of anyone who can knit socks :0)
    Love the midwinter jug too, great find.
    Jacquie x

  3. Looks like a good week - you squeezed the most out of it!

    I think your scrappy cardi is wonderful - and you should wear it out the house - it's lovely. Never mind teenage angst and embarrassment - in fact, it's your duty as a Mum to deeply embarrass your teen at least once a month. LOL :)

    And oh what a fabby fab little jug - of course you had to buy it!

  4. Well now I'm really looking forward to seeing this scrappy cardigan - I bet Alice will nab it when she sees it in all it's glory! Love that picture of the allium - nature does indeed provide us with beautiful images - sometimes we just have to look closely to see them. Have a good week x Jane

  5. Lovely happy things! Your cardy looks great! You made me smile when you talked about wearing clothes that embarrass your daughter. My parents were older ones and I used to find this embarrassing, I had Eldest Bea when I was 35 so that makes me one of the older mums. She asked me yesterday why we didn't have her 10 years earlier, she finds it embarrassing! I just told her I know how it feels, not quite the answer she was looking for! :) x

  6. Gorgeous happy things. I love you little jug.

  7. Oh your pate sounds delicious and I love the jug ... lovely happies as always ... Bee xx

  8. Those little things make our life better , don't they? also it is always peculiar when our husbands make comments on our hobbies :)hehe, last time my hubs asked me why didn't I go for yarn shopping for so cute!
    I love the colors of your cardigan, a perfect wear for winter!

  9. Such wonderful happy things! That is a sweet little jug you found, I do love Midwinter pottery. Gorgeous crochet stones too - especially that perfectly round one! Have a good week xx

  10. I'm with you in the timeless bubble of hurly burly! I keep thinking I need to blog a little more often to try and capture moments of my life, instead of once a week to share where I'm upto with this project & that :)

    I do love your crochet pebbles, you're not mad, I bet they feel great to hold!

    My mum is very good at growing alliums, me not so much sadly :( Harvest those seeds and get as many as you can for next year!

    The closeups of your scrappy cardigan are great, they look like completely different projects :) Looking forward to seeing the finished item!

    Ohhh and your jug!! Swooon :) I don't think I'll ever manage to have an uncluttered home. Oh well!!

  11. Oh Penny - I think the seed heads in Autumn are just as pretty as the flowers they follow from Summer.

    Happy Autumn,

    Nina x

  12. I too love those allium seed heads and brought some indoors to admire. Your perfectly round crochet covered pebble is fab, I bet it feels nice to hold in the hand. I am in awe of your sock knitting skills. I'd love to knit a pair but the three needles look a bit complicated. I hope this week is less manic for you. x

  13. That pate sounds delicious! And I love your jug :)

    I do hope the pace slows for you a little soon x

  14. I love the jug penny very retro. You should wear your cardigan out if you want I bet that you would get loads of great comments from everyone. Looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan when you are ready. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. xx