Wednesday 25 September 2013

Dear Alice

Oh darling girl, you'll be 13 tomorrow
Our beautiful girl is growing up and carving a way for herself into her teenage years.
There will be challenges and the road will feel rocky at times, but we know that you have your feet solid on the ground and will figure things out for yourself.

You are beginning to metamorphosise into who you are, carving out your identity. Being true and authentic while still struggling with the peer pressure that comes at this time in our lives.

We love watching you grow and talking and debating and rationalising things out with you.
We love seeing how you are moving into expressing yourself more and more in the arts,ballet,drama and musical theatre and how brave you are to take up new ventures.

Keep your sensitive and kind natured self,
question things and continue to want to learn and strengthen your knowledge of the world.
Keep giggling and being girly and free spirited.

May this next year of your tender life be blessed with grace and beauty. 

Thank you for keeping our days with you amazing and adventurous.

Many happy returns Alice
We love you so, we do.


  1. This is such a beautiful and precious and wonderful tribute to your daughter. I do not have a daughter, but I can hear through your words what a gift she is to you both...and I do know, without a doubt, that she knows what a gift her parents are to her.
    Oh such joy and love for all of you. Wish her a wonderful day...and life from this faraway person who "gets this kind of love."

  2. Beautiful words, she must be proud of you, she is a beautiful girl with a nice bright light in her eyes.

    Happy birthday!!

  3. ....and so say all of us!!!

    Happy birthday dear Alice....

    What a wonderful letter...

    Daisy j xx

  4. Such loving words...:) Wishing happiness, love, success, health, and only joyful days to your daughter!

  5. Such sweet words and wishes for your beautiful daughter.....Happy Birthday Alice! :) x

  6. How lovely Penny, and how lovely is young Alice. Very best wishes to her on her special day (it's mine the day after - alas I am well beyond teenage years!!) and I hope you all have a splendiferous time! Lxxx

  7. Happy birthday to you Alice
    It only seems like yesterday.......
    Best wishes

  8. Gorgeous words for a lucky teenager ... happy birthday to Alice ... Bee xx

  9. Such a beautiful and loving letter! Happy birthday to Alice. xx

  10. Such a beautiful girl! Happy birthday love.

  11. Happy birthday to Alice, I do hope she had a lovely day. And what a heartfelt and beautiful letter to your daughter. x