Monday 16 September 2013

A little sewing fun

Thank you for all your lovely kind words on my last post. I really appreciated each and everyone of them, I feel so touched that I can show a little of my ups and downs here and can enjoy our "virtual friendships".

I had time for rest and relaxation this past weekend and found myself up in my sewing space in our partially converted attic on Saturday afternoon. I love it up there, it's where I have an old antique pine chest with all my fabrics and yarn in as well as my old sewing box full of cottons, buttons, ribbons and pins and needles. I can put my lamp on, radio 4 and have plenty of floor space to chop away at fabrics. I don't know why I always have had to cut patterns out on the floor, it just feels like the most natural place to cut fabric for me. My mum taught me to sew in my early teens and I am not sure if she meant to teach me to use the floor for cutting out, it's just the way it happened :O)

So, I pulled out a book I had borrowed from the library and followed the easy instructions on how to make a lined tote bag.

It was so therapeutic and great fun to see the end result. I'm pretty chuffed with this as I have never sewn a lined bag before.

The outside fabric was some old Sanderson British furniture fabric I found ages ago in a charity shop and the inside is part of an old vintage sheet. My old Elna sewing machine did well sewing through this thick fabric, it needs a service I think. I got it for my 20th birthday from my mum and dad and am ashamed to say that in 23 years it has never had a service...ooops, better correct that I think.

I feel like this first attempt at making a lined tote bag has now opened up opportunities to play around with fabrics, add pockets, add doilies or old embroidered tray cloths etc. to my bag making possibilities. Look out Christmas, a few bags might be being made!

I have decided to give this to Yvonne as a little thank you gift for kindly giving us her old hutch for our bunny, Dilly.
Andy did a sterling repair job and it looks and functions as if it was as good as new for our little bun bun.

Just before I wrapped it up I gave it a test run by popping down to the library to return some other books and came back home with this sweet little new to me knitting book. I know I am not meant to be starting any new projects, but a girl can window shop can't she?

Thanks for visiting, I do hope this week has some very cheery moments in it for you
See you soon


  1. Your bag is lovely, Penny. You did a great job with the lining, handles, all of it. It looks professional. The fabric is really pretty too.

  2. love it Penny. It looks sturdy as well as beautiful.Looking forward to seeing any more you get chance to make.
    Jacquie x

  3. Well done you...Useful and pretty everything you could want in a bag
    ...before you pay to service your machine....give it a good hooover .....really helps! as dust clogs get everywhere. then fit a new sharp needle and bobs your uncle?
    bestest daisy j

  4. I will stop being so lazy and line my bags in future, that one looks so special. Eco Ethel xx

  5. Your bag is so pretty Penny, I am sure that your friend will love and it and use it lots. Hope you have fun with adding pockets and decorations, as you say, the possibilities are endless now you have done the bag as it is. Keep cheery!

  6. Just catching up with you Penny, feel like I've missed so much! Hope you are feeling a better sense of balance this week. Love your makes, this bag is fab and the cushion you made for Alice is wonderful! :) x

  7. Very pretty bag. Love the outside fabric, lovely to look at and sturdy enough to carry a pile of books.

  8. Oh Penny! I am sorry that the weeks have been less than kind to you but I hope now that your are coming back to your super self! It's so easy to get overwhelmed isn't it... I know I stretch myself too thin and then feel exhausted trying to put it all back together but we do have our outlets and spaces and being creative is my happy place! It looks like it is yours too!

    Your bag is very pretty and well done you for making such a beautiful piece... I for one would be very happy to get a Christmas pressie like that! You should definitely make more! :) Hazel x

  9. Such a great bag, I love the fabrics you've used. Your sewing space sounds wonderful, I always prefer to do cutting out on the floor too! xx

  10. I really like your bag, the lining is lovely (and the outside too of course!). I also cut out my fabric on the floor, I bought posh, thick carpet for the living room (as opposed to the cheap nobbly, bobbly stuff I have everywhere else) just so it would be comfy for crawling about cutting out fabric!

  11. LOVE the bag - if that's your first shot at lining one you've done a great job - but I'm less sure about the book, the phrase 'Quick to Knit' always puts me off!

  12. What a lovely bag. I have not yet attempted a lined bag - I'm plucking up the courage. That first photo is a beautiful still life shot. I am enchanted by the sound of your attic - space for your crafty things, Radio 4, some sounds wonderful. I hope there is more crafty time for you this weekend. xx