Wednesday 27 November 2013

I can't draw...

Hello again, I haven't quite gone to London yet, I'll be on a super early fast train tomorrow morning with my knitting of course :o)

The title of this post "I can't draw..." is so true, I am absolutely useless as drawing anything, Picasso might have even been impressed at my child-like drawings I've attempted as an adult! I can't draw, BUT I can sort of doodle, so I wanted to pop my Christmas card making joy on here before I forget.

On Saturday afternoon I sat down to a couple of hours mucking about with my little water paints set and a pencil whilst Alice was at her ballet class. It was so nice to play with colour and paints again. I thought about keeping my cards simple again like last year and got doodling.

Initially I thought I would try and draw some kind of garland around a Christmas related word, but that just turned out too wonky for these non-drawing hands of mine. So I found an old rubber and got a lino cutting tool out and made a star which also turned out a bit wonky, but good enough I thought and I got doodling with a simple tree pattern to make these...

A ridiculously simple child like tree, but an opportunity for me to paint with my watercolour paints which I loved. So relaxing and soothing painting these little tree branches in colours I love.

I then got stamping with my cut out version of the Star of Bethlehem

To eventually end up making these...

Last, but not least I add the word "joy to the world" on the bottom of the cards as seen below.

I managed to make 10 so far and will make some more this coming weekend no doubt. I don't send half as many cards as I used to. They may look a little child-like in appearance, but I'm not worried as it's the message inside that counts as far as I am concerned. Oh and the fact that making them helped me to relax really well on Saturday afternoon :o)

So, how about you? Do you make cards or get your kids making them?
I'd love to know



  1. Welcome to the world of Non-Drawers, Penny! It breaks my heart sometimes when I get so frustrated at y lack of drawing ability! But we have other talents, don't we! And I have found, like you, that a little stamping or lino-cutting goes a long way to make up for our lack of talent with a pencil.

    I've just bought a little table top printing press - the cheapest you can get - and need to TRY and draw something small enough to fit on my lino tile to carve. (words going the wrong way planning in advance!!) And I shall make these to send Like you, I (we) have cut back hugely on the number of cards we send these days - and not just because of the cost. Since retiring of course I no longer have the ridiculous round of cards to people I hardly know (and who hardly know me either!). Yours look lovely and I do like your colour scheme! Lxx

  2. actually they are rather lovely! colourful and much nicer than buying them. I have been having a little dabble and splodge with some water colour too, it's nice isn't it! Heather X

  3. They're really pretty ... you should be very pleased ... and so great you had fun making them too ... Bee xx

  4. They are very pretty and I'm glad that you had fun making them. I'm sure that all of the recipients will love to get a christmas message from you! xx Good luck in London. xx

  5. Penny, I think that your cards are really really lovely. So colourful and I am sure they will be very well received. I don't make cards but it is something I would quite like to try...
    Marianne xx

  6. They are joyful Penny and I'm sure you are better at drawing than you think.
    I love the stylised tree and all the lovely colours you have used. I'm scared of watercolours, I stick to my dry colours :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. I think they came out beautifully. Our Christmas card is always a photo card, with a photo taken of our children in their holiday garb in front of the Christmas tree. It kind of kills two birds with one stone; a holiday greeting combined with a new photo of the kids since most friends and relatives are long-distance and don't see them often.

  8. Your hand made cards are really cute :) I am sure everyone will be more than happy to receive them!
    I like making cards myself, and try to do this for every occasion.
    Have a nice day!

  9. They are perfect, Penny - cheerful, well-balanced, and truly joyful! And I agree that the message is what counts.

    I love to make cards and for years refused to buy them - I even used to make my own envelopes - but the last few years I've have a hard time working card-making in with my other December activities. We'll see what happens this year! :)

    Have fun in London! (How I would love to be able to hop a train and go there. I love London.)

  10. These cards are lovely.

    I've never made cards, and I try to send cards every year ... but then I don't find the meaningful words I want to send to people.

    Maybe this year! :-)

  11. Oh my word! You say you can't draw but boy can you can paint! I love these. Just gorgeous. And it's the message inside that counts the most. x

  12. I always used to make all my cards, both Christmas and birthday, and in fact I used to get commissioned by others on occasion too, but of recent everything's fallen by the wayside, I have to agree card making is so relaxing (just not if you dontbhave time) I love your cards and their cheerful colours, homemade is so much better. My littlest boys school give you the opportunity to buy your own child,s designed card, which I have done for the past two years, and they make life a little less fraught!

  13. Penny these are really really gorgeous!! I am amazed that you say you can't draw, but then I also understand that as I have a similar problem. I can draw certain things, but it is not something that comes natural for me. I really think you have done such a beautiful job with these, you must be really chuffed! Enjoy your trip to London and have a good weekend xoxo

  14. I love your cards, so full of colour and I am sure that anyone who receives one will be delighted. I make my cards, recycling bits and pieces and I spent a good few hours this week making my Christmas cards too. Have a lovely weekend x

  15. I love your cards, so full of colour and I am sure that anyone who receives one will be delighted. I make my cards, recycling bits and pieces and I spent a good few hours this week making my Christmas cards too. Have a lovely weekend x

  16. They're gorgeous Penny, I love their simplicity and the style of words at the bottom.
    Love Lisa x

  17. The cards are lovely, handmade with love are the best! Been away from my computer for a while and can see I've got a lot to catch up on on your to take a little browse around your lovely photos...Julia x