Sunday 24 November 2013

Two shawls

I finally got round to blocking my two recently crocheted shawl scarves this weekend and I am pleased with the results.

They are made from two very different yarns, the first one being a skein of sock yarn from Greta and the Fibers which I bought in a yarn shop called "All you knit is love" when we went to Barcelona in the Summer. I didn't spend long in the shop as it was so very hot (about 40 degrees C) and quickly chose a skein of yarn which appealed to me.

This sock yarn has beautiful shades of green running through it and unfortunately I have not been able to capture this too well in the poor Winter light. I loved crocheting with it, very smooth and soothing and rhythmic.

I took these photos this morning and I must say I rather like this shawl/scarf and will be wearing it tomorrow. I used the pattern in this Erica Knight crochet book I have.

My second shawl scarf was made with Noro silk sock yarn using the South Bay Shawlette pattern which is free on Ravelry. It was also easy and quick to make and I like how the colours of this yarn are easily displayed in this pattern. These are not my colours as such, but I think they may grow on me.

The only thing about using this Noro sock yarn is that it's a little bit on the scratchy side so it will only be worn when outdoors on a freezing day to reduce the risk of getting an itchy neck!

All in all these shawls have given me great pleasure to make and I think I'll make good use of them this Winter.

I now need to go and get things ready for the week ahead. I am going to an overnight 2 day work related conference at the Marsden Hospital on Thursday and Friday this coming week which I have been looking forward to for months now. I must think about what knitting/crochet I can easily carry in my bag for the train journeys. I love to click away as the train tracks go clickety clack.

Hope you have a good week and see you at the end of it


  1. Really gorgeous shawls Penny. I love the look of the variegated yarn. I bought some at yarndale for the same project.
    Hope the conference goes well.
    Jacquie x

  2. Lovely shawls penny. I really like the coloured one and the pattern is really appealing too. Jo x

  3. Penny, they are both so lovely. I have that South Bay Shawl pattern in my Ravelry Library, not I want to get started on it right away.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Oh Penny! I'm in love with that Noro shawl!! Now blue is my favourite colour for clothes but my heart leapt when I scrolled down to the second shawl. I know what you mean about a bit scratchy - that would irritate me highly, but as you say, round a coat on a cold day it will be grand! Lx

  5. Hello Penny!

    Enjoy your conference at the end of the week; It's great to get out of one's usual work routine (although I imagine your days do vary a lot) and learn something new.

    Your two shawls are delightful and I must say my heart fluttered a little when I saw the second one. I'm pretty certain Cécile Franconie from the French blog Facile Cécile (fabulous if you don't know it yet) made the same pattern.

    See you soon, Penny!


  6. They're both beautiful Penny but I especially love the blue ... the pattern is so pretty ... Bee xx

  7. Both of your shawls look beautiful Penny, I hope that you enjoy wearing them. I love the name of the shop in Barcelona! Hope that your conference goes really well. xx

  8. These are both gorgeous shawls Penny and I am sure you will get plenty of use out of them over these winter months. I especially love the colours of the second one, gorgeous. I really hope you enjoy your conference and the train journey there. Have fun xoxo

  9. These look lovely. I wish I could get my head around crochet *sigh*. Enjoy your train journey - a perfect crafting opportunity :)
    Sarah x

  10. Both shawls are gorgeous...really beautiful work. Hope you enjoy the conference and the train journey with your knitting or crochet !
    Marianne x

  11. Scarf looks beautiful with multicolor. You have made it correctly for this climate...

  12. Both shawls are beautiful. You've chosen some sumptuous and luxurious colours there, perfect for the patterns.

    Enjoy the train journey knitting/crochet, and I hope you're enjoying the conference. x