Friday 1 November 2013

52 weeks of happy 44/52

Hello there

I have had a wonderful week off with Alice and Andy during the half term here in East Sussex. We have been busy, but have found the balance between busy and chilled which is much needed. This is a bit of a photo busy post as I have had much more time to take pictures whilst not at work.

Holy moly my stunning skein of hand dyed yarn I bought in Barcelona way back in the Summer. I had it squirreled in my stash and knew that this week would give me the patience to deal with any knots as I unravelled the skein and wound it up into a ball. This photo doesn't give the colour justice due to the greyness of the day, but all will be revealed in my crocheting in the near future.

Oh me oh myo, a  relaxing candle light bath with my new orange candle from Ikea purchased on our rather lengthy trip up to Dartford. It took up almost 2 hours each way with the mad M25 traffic. We only go to Ikea every 2 years or so and I've always felt a tad bit disappointed these past few years. It doesn't seem to give me any sense of inspiration as I get older. I was hoping for some serious Swedish design love, but alas nothing. We came away with some bits and bobs of new linen and wrapping paper etc. I am always happy to restock my candle joy for the Winter months which almost makes it worth the trip :o)

Oh and some pastel coloured Swedish sweeties always help.

Alice and I went to London on Wednesday, it had to be navy and white stripes with my crocheted cherry necklace for our girly day out.

We spent may a happy hour in the National Portrait Gallery. Alice is crazy mad about the history of the British monarchy and could just about point out who was who before I got to read about them. The more modern photographs were also amazing together with canvases and sculptures of various famous people's heads.

A wee bit of shopping was done on Oxford Street. Alice in Top Shop and me in John Lewis haberdashery, a happy compromise me thinks.

We were blessed with a rain free day and came away happy, but exhausted as was expected.

I have been a copy cat and have been inspired by Lisa's gorgeously knitted mittens for her girls. My second one is almost finished and I'm excited to wear them. I've used Drops Aran yarn for these and just love the warmth of them. Serious bit of YUM!

Some house rearranging and some snuggling on the sofa watching movies. Perfection for the windy, wet days.

Last, but not least finishing off a crocheted baby blanket for my sister in law who is expecting her second baby in March next year. I want to give her this for Christmas and have chosen some of my favourite colours, I hope she will like it. I'll show you it once its completely finished.
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for saying Hi
See you all soon


  1. The blue yarn at the top is beautiful...even on a grey day it glows....awaiting with much anticipation the glorious project your nimble fingers will conjure up...bestest D x
    Ps I feel the same about ikea these days and only go for fabric and mats...!?

  2. Lovely happies, Penny. Your hair is such a pretty color. I love the cherry necklace too. It's one of my dreams in life to visit the National Portrait Gallery someday. I'm so glad you and Alice had a nice girls' day out together.

  3. I love the colour of your Barcelona yarn, so I am sure that it looks even nicer in the right light/in person! I wonder what you will make with it. Sounds as though you had a great time this half term. Some lovely days out by the looks of things. Hope that you have a great weekend before back to school. xx

  4. Well I love the colours in the baby blanket, and those London pics........ooooh I want to go back NOW! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  5. your London trip sounds great, exactly the places I would go given a quick half day there! love the mittens, Heather x

  6. Ooh that yarn looks lovely ... can't wait to see what you make with it. I love the National Portrait Gallery and hope to get back sometime. (Like Alice I am fascinated with British monarchy and can recite the sovereigns from Henry IV to the present - I don't even know the American presidents but they aren't as much fun as kings and queens!) :)

    It's chilly and grey and drizzly here so a candlelit bath sounds divine.

  7. Beautiful yarn and Baby Blanket. Your London trip sounds delightful, thanks for sharing.

  8. Some lovely happy things there! Your London trip looks great and I really like the necklace you wore. Those mittens are gorgeous...I have yet to try this yarn but I am keen to do so!
    Marianne xx

  9. Lovely post today, filled with lots of fun things. Love your crochet especially that necklace.

  10. Love your cherry necklace - so sweet. Gorgeous colours you've chosen for the blanket and the mittens look great! xx

  11. love the blues! And the sweet little crocheted necklace - I have several crochet books but after a mad couple of months doing Lucy bags and Granny blankets have more or less given it up. Til next time!

  12. So many good things here Penny! That yarn is the most beautiful colour, even on a grey day. Love the cherry necklace, and all your yarny makings, so lovely, all of them. A day in London with your girl - how special. I hope you feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead. xx

  13. That yarn is such a beautiful colour - and the baby blanket colours looks gorgeous too. What a lovely present that will be for your SIL. Your London trip sounds good fun too - I always wish I lived closer so I could visit many many exhibitions!! x