Saturday 7 August 2010

1am in the morning

Last night I fell into big temptation and found myself doing another (slightly tedious row) of my cotton blanket

but boredom set in too I folded it up despite enjoying all the zinging colours and got the laptop downstairs ...

and made one of these...

thank you to  Alice xox

and then I made this lovey african flower (pattern found on ravelry by Saartje a fellow south african hooky happy chick) which I plan to make a few of and assemble as bunting for my stall at a local vintage market in October, I am pleased witht he result and love the hexagon shape.

It took me a few goes to get it right and a little moaning and a couple of pots of tea but by 1am I had made it and went to bed full of hooky thoughts of african flowers and my childhood. So here it is, what do you think ? It's not perfect and the colours could be better but I am pleased with my first attempt xox
and then on my way out of the living room I found Alice's cyclops she had made earlier this year in my country living magazine rack , this added an interesting dimension to my childhood dreams ...

Have a wonderful weekend xox


  1. WoW! The rug... beautiful! Finish it!!!!! The triangle... LOVE the colours! It looks amazing! And the african violet is just lovely... it will make great bunting too!

  2. Hi, I have just found your blog and you are just down the road from me, well almost I live in Ashford, Kent. I have done some of the african violets - they are addictive. I have posted a pic of these on my blog also. Keep going with your blanket - It looks fab. Clare