Friday 6 August 2010

Sweet charity (shops)

Happy Friday everyone, it is indeed a happy one for me having come back from camping on Wednesday and only worked 2 days and now I have the weekend of family time, knitting, hooking and gardening and maybe a little sewing !!   I desperately need more hours in the day... work just interferes with the university of life , I just get so inspired so easily that I just want to stop and dooooooo all the lovely projects I encounter on the blogs I follow and books I read etc etc.

Anyway, I am just whinging and need to press on and try so very hard not to be tempted to start another project and simply FORCE myself to set goals which are achievable and of course timely to finish those projects I have already on the go (counting 1,2,3,4..maybe more!).
A mixture of happy frustration in amongst the enthusiasm is exhausting me.

My post today is a little find I want to share with you, its about a lot of things really. Firstly I have to thank God for UK charity shops and recycling material possessions, secondly it's about supporting a charity you believe in, in this case my find was in a MIND charity shop (for mental health sufferers) and then it's the joy of thrifty little treasures and the thinking of which lovely lady owned what you've found and the tapestry of her life and then thinking about what you can do with your simple treasures.  

So here it is a simple sweet charity shop find this afternoon:

a little flower tin with...

buttons in ...let's have a closer look

Ok those are fun, I am sure I can find a use for them, maybe I could sew a vintage bag and use these ?

some black beauties , mmmmm..loverly (I am liking the sailor one ;o)

some blue shiny one's.. .I feel a necklace coming on

and one sweet red lonesome button xox and of course the rest of the tin to rummage through

And then in the corner of my eye I spotted these beauties for 10 pence each, I just had to buy them because I love the 50's, 60's, and 70's images and I am sure I will be tempted to knit a pattern or two, have a look...

a practical guide to knitting and crochet, ah what bliss, I have tried desperately to see when this ed. was published but no joy, my guess is around 1940's and the reason why I thought 1940's is that I had to smile when I was this pattern

possibly a war time make do and mend ? maybe you can help me on this one, i am sure Alice will giggle when I show her this

I am loving this hairstyle xox

and these are such fun, what crazy colours... this was published in 1976

Sorry about the red backround I ended up looking for some light on this grey afternoon and it was on the step to our victorian outhouse loo ! I think I like the funky black,blue and white one on the left and will be a very good girl and resist  temptation and put in on  my "desperate to do" list , have a fabulous weekend everyone. 


  1. How lucky! I love finding great op shop goodies! When we were in Whanganui, they have a huge op shop there, it's massive, and oh my, the things! If I were a sewer, I would have been in heaven! the vintage fabrics... oh it was incredible!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make from these!

  2. Oh thank you Sue and Alice for your comments. Please can you tell me what op stands for Alice , I a assuming in NZ op shops are like charity shops here in UK ? I absolutely drool over vintage fabric and especially love the 40's ad 50's, all the designs, interiors and clothes from those times. I'm a bit obsessed wth landgirls during second world war too.

    My hubby loves the 70's so our home is an eclectic mixture of interior design from victorian pine chests of drawers to 40's kitchenalia to 70's light fittings and dining room table etc. We are hoping to get a stand selling retro and vintage goodies at a fair in Hastings old town in October as we need to get rid of some of the excessive stuff we collect !!

    Sue, thank you foryour comment, I hope the tin took you down memory lane a little ? I am planning to make broccoli a la Sue tonight and I can see what you mean about the parmesan being the cherry on the top ! I will let you know how I get on xox