Sunday 15 August 2010

A bunting we will go...

At long last I have completed one of my many WIP's and consequently completed my bunting. I decided to do something a little different though and instead of crocheting the triangles together decided to thread some vintage braid through the natural spaces made by the "granny clusters". Alice asked if I was being lazy and I soon corrected her by saying mummy is being very resourceful ! So have a peek and see what you think.

Have a closer look at the braid

Surprise, Surprise it's that old favourite of mine pink and green again

The light is not brilliant in these photo's (blustery august greyness!) and I always seem to be attracted to using the floor as a "photo studio"

I might be tempted to put a vintage button or crochet a flower for the centre's , what do you think ?

I also wanted to share this delicious book that I have loaned from my LYS called Wa wa wool which is owned by the lovely, ever so helpful Fran (I think her website needs a wee bit more work). Her library of books is incredible and she will happily loan her books out 1 at a time for a £5.00 annual fee, brilliant idea for those of us who own too many books anyway.

Ooooooh it's delicious and caters for beginners, intermediate and advanced ... one  can only hope xox

And last but not least a pic of my lovely 1970's hen that I needed to complete from over a year ago. Her very simple pattern was found in a Charity shop 70's embroider / sewing book. I like her and have added my own touch of vintage to her eye and beak. Any name suggestions? ( I must ask Alice too...)

Have a wonderful week of wooli-ness

Edit: Thank you to  for naming Mrs. Hen, Dolores. My little Alice (age 9 and 7/ 8ths !) has agreed with her, hooray another win win xox


  1. I love the bunting and the hen. Take a peak at my blog. Pressie waiting for you. Clare x

  2. the bunting looks gorgeous and I love it with the ribbon! I've SEEN that book on someones blog and ooh I want to get my hands on it! Looking forward to seeing what you make!
    The chook is lovely... I like the name Dolores for her.
    Lots of love to you this week, have a lovely one and little Alice too!

  3. Oh lovely! How funny... maybe Alice and I are resonating on the same vibes which is why we have the same name... does she love Siamese cats too?