Friday 13 August 2010

Aardvark happiness

I love these prints by Aardvark  who are based just a 20 minute cycle down the coast from me and the idea of creating your own "life manifesto" like this first print
 what do you think?

Yes please...

Thank you Samuel Beckett...

I also want my boat of life to be light...

I am not sure what your manifesto would be, I think mine might change from time to time but today it's something like:

Where there's hope there's TEA
Star gaze at night
Wherever you are there you are
Make sand castles
Climb trees
Eat cucumber,mint and cream cheese sandwiches
Give flower posies
Get hooky happy
Celebrate your children at all moments in their life
Create romance
Have vintage parties
Blow raspberries ;o)

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