Wednesday 29 September 2010

P is for perseverance

Hello all you love people, hope this mid week is treating you fine and dandy? I have been at a professional meeting all day today and need to switch off, it's been a meaningful and productive day and I feel good but tired. The thing is, I am a Specialist Dietitian in Neuroscience and Neurological rehabilitation and my 30 hour week can take it's toll on the old brain. I keep telling Mr. A that I need to be knitting and hooking in the evenings in order to switch off and relax and that honestly truly he didn't marry a granny! there is much to be said for the therapy of making, using ones hands and producing, don't you agree?

The title of my post today comes from the fact that sometimes it's just "the doing" and "the perseverance" that matters rather than the end product. It's the PROCESS that matters! (or am I just trying to justify the piles of unfinished WIP's I try not to look at ?)

Sooo , a while back I took it upon myself to attempt to knit a cardigan for myself, one gorgeous blue colour was chosen of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and off I sailed into the knitting sunset , or so I thought!. One back and one left hand side panel later monochrome boredom set in so I turned the pages in my knitting pattern book to find a fair isle beanie... and so with a little bravery and perseverance this started to emerge....

My very first attempt at fair isle, it was such fun, SO addictive to see fancy patterns emerging I got a wee too excited and so the beanie that I was planning to do somehow got split into a kind of tea cosy thingymegiggy....


I don't think I should have tried to turn it into a tea cosy for my sister-in-law's wedding in 3 weeks time but I have put it down to experience and now I have the confidence to tackle another simple fair isle pattern sometime. I think this might end up in my "samples" basket {please tell me you've got one?}

While I was digging around for yarn on the weekend I found these

Oops! Sorry Alice but these were crocheted last year for your little lap blanket and I still haven't finished it! Bah humbug, I must , I will, I promise to complete this granny blanket for you very soon x

I seriously am becoming worried about myself and my overactive desire to create. Scientist by day, maker by night. I think I will need some serious help in attention / concentration therapy one of these days !

And now I bid you farewell my friends, with this little insight into our round the table dinner time discussions last night. The JOY of conkers in autumn and a lovely little book by Ed Boxall a local illustrator and children's book author whom we love.

This book has blank pages with little illustrations with the odd saying / words here and there and it's designed for the child to write their own story, something I know Alice will love in the coming winter months xox


  1. oh yes I know where you are coming from! and yes I have a basket full of "samples", mainly flowers and misfit squares, things I dont really like but cant part with...wiered I know! Crochet is a process that calms the mind. Happy hooking hun.
    Deb x

  2. aren't you clever with your fair isle! A lot of people say it is fun and addictive, but I'm just not sold! it looks tricky and frustrating! Cant wait to see this tea cozy...
    want to know a secret? I don't have a samples basket, I send my playing around bits to the op shop knowing that someone will use it for something! tee hee thats how I stay virtuous!

  3. Your fairisle is very impressive and you can crochet too!
    I can't knit but I find crochet is something that relaxes me but is sufficiently stimulating to keep my brain engaged (as long as I stick to small projects and not huge blankets!). I think crochet is so much like a science (crochet-ology!) with the logic emerging from crochet patterns, the mathematical calculations to increase/decrease, decision making with influencing factors such as tension,yarn type etc.
    Much better to be creating than vegetating in front of the TV!

  4. That fairisle is gorgeous! I started a fairisle cushion last night and it gets quite addictive after a while. I love your colours too. You are obviously using both sides of your brain very productively! Penny x

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog looks great and what a talent do you have. Great knitting, Well Done !!
    Have a great weekend

  6. Wow gorgeous pattern emerging! I would love to try Fair Isle but I am too scared of it. Can't wait to see the finished article. x

  7. Hello- just found your lovely blog! I am so impressed with your fair isle- I have tried it so many times, but always get in a real pickle! xx

  8. Hello Penelope! yes, I thought I'd post the joy of the gift arriving and let you have a surprise when you came to visit my blog! thank you again so much!
    Sorry to hear you're not sleeping so well and have a stressful week coming up... make sure you take a lot of time for "self-care" as we get taught so religiously at polytech!
    Happy knitting, can't wait to see the tea cozy!