Wednesday 31 August 2011

Afore I go

Pretty buttons I bought in Clothkits, Chichester
Two days count down before I go to my Nutrition and Dietetics Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden and I'm feeling excited about going to my first international conference, a bit like when I was little and knew we were doing something exciting the next day!

But, afore I go I wanted to share with all you lovelies out there in the land of blog my completed cardigan and another finished project. 

Unfortunately, it's too humid and sunny here today to show you photo's of me wearing it. I did try but after one shot I had to pull it off as it is rather chunky and warm....perfect for those autumnal days to come.

Oh this was so gorgeous to knit, the pattern suited a beginner like me and I've got the 'knit factor' of satisfaction in learning new skills out of this pattern for sale on Ravelry. In fact I just love all of Veera Valimaki's knitted designs found here. Her instructions are lovely and clear and made perfect sense to my grey matter!

I like the fact that it's an inside-out stocking stitch effect cardigan and that the right front side is bigger than the left front side. I knitted in with Paton wool, aran weight and it is super snug too. Another little touch I liked was the feminine coming in a little at the waist which is more complimentary than straight up and down sides {you should be able to spot this in the above picture}. This cardy will be in my suitcase on Friday :0)

 And now for my great excitement I MUST show you my two needled socks I completed on Monday night. I started these back in April this year {blogged about them here} and got 3/4 of the way through and for some reason or other {probably boredom ?} I discarded them in my WIP pile. Last Sunday eve I did some tidying up and sorting out and re-discovered these pretties and with a new found enthusiasm finished them. So please indulge me at I reveal my finished socks {it would sound rather odd to someone who doesn't knit or crochet that I took some photos of my feet this afternoon and showed them to the world!}

Drum roll please.... Ta dah!

I think the right one is a little (actually a lot, but still feels comfy to wear) smaller than the left...a testament to my knitting skills improving over the months as the left sock had no mistakes when I finished it on Monday.

I am rather pleased with these delicate pretties and yes the will be in my suitcase on Friday too.

I feel a little like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in these socks and shoes, just need to skip down the yellow brick road now xox

Hope you've enjoyed my little makes and I'll see you somewhere over the rainbow very soon xox

ps. The free pattern for these socks can be found here


  1. Great cardy - those buttons are perfect! And I'm very jealous of the socks. I'd love to make myself some socks, but I'm still enjoying crochet too much to start knitting too. Something for the future :)
    Jane x

  2. I love that cardi... definately going to give that one a try myself! Thanks for the link.
    I have never tried socks yet - but they look so gorgeous I might have to have a go. The ceramic buttons from Clothkits - they are special aren't they - I have some similar on my site, but they aren't selling very well - a shame as they are sooo lovely! Have a good trip...just click your heels and you'll be there! (in an ideal world) :)x

  3. The socks are amazing - lucky you! I have had some yarn today, ordered especially to make my first 'pair' of socks (note emphasis on pair, I will succeed!) I really impressed with yours, hope mine turn out half as good!

  4. Lov the cardigan sooooooo much! you have inspired me to make a cardigan for myself and I found a suitably easy pattern yesterday called Sylph which I like very much, so it is on my to-do list! Very soon in fact!
    Have a great trip and enjoy the cardy-compliments!
    p.s socks= stunning too! :OD

  5. 'unfortunately it's too humid and sunny...' she says! Lucky you, I say - it's been freezing here for the last few days - I took a hot water bottle to bed last night! That just shouldn't be necessary in August!!
    Fabulous socks - I am always impressed by hand knitted socks.
    Have a great time in Gothenburg. xx

  6. Love the socks and the cardigan!! Hope your trip is awesome!

  7. I love your cardi! The buttons are fab and colourful. Have a lovely time in Sweden!

  8. Very Dorothy, and I love the look. Nice cardi too :D

  9. Ooohhhhh those socks look lovely and 'oh my' those shoes!

    Have a fab weekend and enjoy the conference.

    Nina xxx