Saturday 18 May 2013


Happy weekend everyone. This week has flown for me and here I find myself hoping that I've captured a photo or two (or three!)as my simple, happy moments. So, here goes...

Oh the joy of washi tape! I saw this idea somewhere on the net and thought.... I think I'll copy that for my small collection of dpn's. It works a treat and you never have to search down the back of the couch for that missing one again!

I don't like waste and love it when I get to what the manufacturers make you think is the end of a tube of body cream and then after snipping the tube half way down you realise you have a shed load that can be used despite it not being willing to be squeezed out. Pop the top half back on and your cream doesn't dry out in the in-between times. I'm sure your clever girls do this anyway :o)

Janie dug some violets out of her garden for me after I admired them last week. So sweet and delicate, lets hope I can keep them alive!

I knitted and nattered at our new local group on Thursday evening which was lovely and relaxing with other yarny lovers. I'm attempting to knit a Debbie Bliss summer cardigan with her eco-cotton which is dreamy and soft and quick to knit with. I forgot that I had bought this yarn about 2 years ago and happily found it in my pine chest in the loft a couple of weeks ago.

I've really enjoyed stitching words and other bits this week. The words have come out a wee bit wonky but who cares, all adding character and handmade-ness to it. I'll show you soon.

I was over the moon when I walked into work on Wednesday to find that my lovely friend Helen had picked some Lily of the Valley from her garden for me. She knows that they are my absolute favourite flowers. Their scent, oh my goodness I cannot tell you how intoxicating it is, I happily spent my working day with my nose in these gorgeous little lilies. 

Last, but not least my new pair of clogs arrived from Lotta this week. Quite plain and simple for work, but I like to spruce them up with a colourful stocking or two.I have some red strappy sandal clogs I bought last Summer which I adore and hope to continue to add to my collection because I have always been a clog girly and why not reignite my love for them in my forties?

That's me for this week, happy days to you all 


  1. Love your bit of stitching.....colourful tights, takes me right back to the 80s, great! :) x

  2. Flabby fab clogs and tights! Love that red. And you make want to stitch hand, that is, like you. I love a bit of embroidery. 😊

  3. Oh your clogs are so lovely WANT them!
    Lily of valley is so pretty and smells divine :)

  4. Lily of the Valley ... lovely! Lucky you :D

    I do that with tubes of creams and lotions too :)

  5. Snap with the scent of lily-of-the-valley. Ours have naturalised really well this year, there are masses of them interspersed with bluebells - some of the foreign jobbies, but lots of natives too. I have a small jug of them near me... the scent is gorgeous, reminds me of my mum and days gone by.
    And loving the footwear, almost as much as the red legs!

  6. I've never heard of Washi tape so I'm off to look that up now :) You have such an awesome colleague, how lovely to pick you flowers! Loving your awesome red tights, they make your clogs stand out lovely :)

  7. What fabulous things! Those lily-of-the-valley are so beautiful, and yes I can imagine they smell divine. Love the colour of your cotton yarn too. x

  8. I do this with my tubes of cream too. It always seems like such a shame to snip them, but the joy at finding at least a weeks worth of product left.

    Nina x

  9. I am looking forward to our lily-of-the-valley - "intoxicating" is just the word for it! Are you keeping the violets potted? That will be interesting.

    Love the clogs and the tights and the stitchery! Here's to another happy week ... or a week with many small happinesses in it. :)

  10. Love the clogs Pen and jealous of the red strappys in a more recent post too - what good shoes you have!