Sunday 5 May 2013

Spring patchwork

I don't know about you, but I love the sound of pinking scissors crunching through fabric. There is something very satisfying hearing that sound. I especially love my pinking scissors this May bank holiday weekend as my overlocker seems to have stopped working! I was so upset by this and have to take it into a sewing doctor to see what the diagnosis is. I have become spoilt having an overlocker and miss it now it's gone on the blink. Anyway, no worries when I have ziggity zaggety lines to help stop the fraying.

And so, the Spring patchwork duvet cover began yesterday morning.
Andy and Alice went to Brighton and Hove Albion football (they have season tickets) yesterday whilst I stayed at home in my Pj's for most of the day listening to the radio and cutting and sewing away like a very busy bee. 

Making a fabric patchwork is almost like decorating a room, all the preparation work of cutting, measuring planning takes the time and then comes the best bit the "decorating" or in this case sewing it all together. Oh and having fabric to inspire you what to munch on during the process is an added bonus :o)

It's a mixture of vintage sheets, some old fabric that I've had for years, a few embroidered tablecloths, pillow cases, some of Alice's fat quarter collection fabric and charity shop clothes.

Slowly, but surely it started to come together. I loved seeing the patterns of all the different fabrics blending in and sometimes clashing (!) with each other. I don't like anything that matches, it makes me feel uncomfortable. As long as the clashes are still easy on the eye and not too busy to look at I'm happy.

So here it is as best as I could photograph it on the washing line. It's 200cm by 200cm, so rather large to capture.

Alice is rather pleased with it especially when I got her to build up her confidence with sewing some of the squares together and choosing the fabrics she likes to be added to the patchwork.

All I need to do now is sew the back on, I have an old vintage sheet double duvet I plan to cut and sew to complete this duvet cover. I've thoroughly enjoyed sewing again and love that this has been a thrifty project using up bits and bobs from my fabric stash. Thanks as always for visiting and your comments, really love the conversation.

See you all soon


  1. Well done you - it's gorgeous - I love the old candy stripe material. And to think it's thrifty too! Looking forward to seeing it with the backing on x Jane

  2. Heart skipping a beat moment here.....lovely, lovely lovely! :) x

  3. It's wonderful Penny. I love the fabric you have used and I LOVE that it is a duvet cover! I like doing patchwork but the whole quilting bit frightens me....this is a brilliant way to avoid that :0)
    Ummmm, thinking I need to give this a try !
    Jacquie x

  4. It's fabulous. The clashing bits don't really clash, they just add interest and stop it being too matchy-matchy. You've got some really gorgeous fabrics in that quilt! xx

  5. It's absolutely fabulous! Lovely lovely lovely. And do you know, we have so many of the same fabrics!

    Blimey well done you - that's a big cover and so much work.

  6. It's beautiful and so many really gorgeous fabrics ... looking forward to seeing it complete ... Bee xx

  7. Looking good :D

    And I love that snippet of elephant fabric!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I'm just starting out with patchwork, I have made 2 cushions so far...

    But this is something else - hopefully one day I will be able to tackle something this big!

    Hope the sewing machine doctor works his magic for your overlocker soon!


  9. Oh my word that is wonderful, you are inspiring me to do the same. You must post a pic of it on Alice's bed, I can't wait for that!
    Wishing her the sweetest of dreams when that happens.
    Happy week .. sunshine?

  10. Well done what a lovely productive busy day I love your quilt I am imagining making one but my skills on the sewing machine are quite limited x