Thursday 31 October 2013

Nature in the home

Linking in with Lou's Nature in the home series
In amongst the rain drops
I couldn't resist
putting on my wellies and
picking the last few almost dried out
lavender flowers and popping
them into an old bottle for all to admire.


  1. I'm about to do the same thing now that the nights are cold enough to freeze. I love the simple look of lavender in a glass jar.

  2. How great that you still had some lavender going. Ours seemed to go on and on for ages, but it is all over now, so lovely to see yours! xx

  3. Mines all gone now, I'm trying to grow a few more lavender plants in my garden so I've plenty of flowers for little bags, very pretty! :) x

  4. Perfect. That reminds me to trim mine all over before it gets woody this winter. Jo x

  5. Gorgeous... I bet it smells wonderful. x

  6. So Pretty Penny. I love lavender and cant resist brushing my hands through it to get a waft of it's wonderful scent.
    I love your lino cut picture in the background too.
    Jacquie x

  7. So pretty ,,, I love lavender ... Bee xx

  8. It looks simply nice, lovely lavender :)

    Have a nice weekend!


  9. Beautiful pictures Penny. My plantsnever do very well so I always have to buy my lavender. :(
    Rosie xx