Thursday 10 November 2011

Cheery moments

It's that time of the week when I get to stop, think and reflect on some of the reasons to be cheerful this dark, grey winter week. As you all may have gathered by now, Reasons to be cheerful is Penny of Planet Penny's blog fame's brainchild and I'm hoping you may have some reasons to be cheerful to beat the winter blues and if so, you might want to check out her blog and join in.

So here goes...

My lovely husband Andy running me a candle lit bath after a stressy day at work. Just what the doctor ordered!

The sun shining on bunting I made for Alice ages ago (as you can see she likes to collect badges on it), shining in her room before it set. It was most pleasant to have a few rays come our way after all the greyness.

Knitting a very sweet Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino yarn cardigan for my sister in law who is expecting her first baby in the Spring. This yarn is so sweet and soft. What do you think of the colours I chose? I bought them on an impulse thinking they were "gender neutral" but the more I knit this up the more I think it's more boy-like rather than girly! Oh well, here's to a 50:50 chance ;0)

A thrify bargain of 10p for a ram and an ewe from a charity shop to add to our homemade nativity set next month. I've always loved children's little plastic animals.  

And last but not least a little more autumn from our country walk on the weekend.

It felt a little like the road less traveled, it was wonderful

Cheery wishes to you and yours xox


  1. this looks a very grand idea to have reasons to be cheerful- i know when it gets very grey and wet it can be a little hard to see the light some days...
    how sweet that you man runs you a lovely candle lit bath- those little sheeps are adorable!...and really enjoyed your Autumnal walk piccys...also the shop on your last posting looked such a wonderful place to visit x

  2. What a lovely walk that must have been! Certainly a reason to be cheerful. I don't think the colors on your baby sweater look too 'boyish'. I think if it turns out to be a girl, just put a pink ribbon or accent on it, and if it is a boy then leave as is. I like the colors because they are different than most baby things one sees.

  3. All of them great reasons to be cheerful! I love the colours in the cardigan and think it would be perfect for a boy or a girl. Meant to pop in to your blog last week and say Thank You very much for the crochet hooks too ~ Jackie :O)x

  4. Ooh no the colours on the cardi are lovely - you could always accent it with a lilac ribbon or flower or something, and make it very girly. But it's great anyway for boy or girl.

    Like the tealight glasses too - very pretty. And hooray for wonderful hubbies. :)

  5. I always find these mid-November days a long haul - I'm desperate to start all the 'feel good' xmas things!
    Love your baa-rgain sheep x

  6. So lovely, I desperately need some feel good christmassy goodness. Your hubble is such a hero, candlelit bath indeed, so sweet!

  7. Love the idea of a candle lit bath, what a star your hubby is! That baby knit is so sweet. love the colours, I think the other comments are right, you can always put a girly accent on it if necessary.
    Thanks so much for joining in sharing your happy moments!
    love Penny xxx

  8. Joy and cheer, that's what we all need on these dark days............ and a bath run for us at the end of a long day, with candles, that's the one that does it for me! Vanessa xxx

  9. Oooh isn't your husband lovely running you a bath! I don't seem to get that sort of special treatment these day's... :-( haha

    That cardigan looks lovely and soft, that Debbie Bliss book is lovely isn't it.

    Your walk photo's are beautiful, you've inspired me to go for a nice walk today..

    Ashley xxx

  10. I'm with the other girls, I think the colors are lovely for boy or girl, a little crochet flower or a little crochet edge would make it more girly. Grey days used to make me feel so depressed, this last winter I crocheted a bright granny stripe blanket which helped me beat the grey 'blues'
    x Sandi

  11. Me too.. lovely for boy or girl...girls clothes aren't as necessarily as girlie as they used to be.. and these neutral colours can be slanted either way with a clever trim... lovely photos! :)

  12. I really like those colours, and I think they'd look lovely on a girl!
    Some sunshine would really cheer me up, we don't seem to have seen the sun in ages! Hope the candlelit bath relaxed you and soothed away that stressful day.

  13. Your beautiful Autumnal photo's have put a smile on my face...So colourful at this time of year :)
    I love those little candle holders too! what a lovely hubby you have to run you a nice relaxing bath. I hope it helped you to de-stress?

    I think the colours of the little cardi you are knitting would be fine for a boy or girl...Can't wait to see it finished!

    Louise xx

  14. What a luxury to have a bath run for you! I love the little tealight holders.
    I think the cardi colours (they look lilac and pale blue on my pc) would be good for either a boy or a girl. The baby cashmerino is lovely yarn.

    I made the xmas decs with Fimo. It was the type you can dry in the microwave, but I just let them air dry.

    p.s. did you know you were a 'no-reply' commenter, so I can't contact you directly?

  15. Hi Penelope, I'm here via Wendz's blog. I didn't think I had been here before but I obviously have because I am already a follower! I live in St Leonards too.