Monday 7 November 2011

Dearest Blog

Dearest Blog

I have so much to tell you about, photo's to share with you, experiences and feelings to log but I am tired today, oh s very tired. It's been a very tiring weekend with our "autumn clean-up", charity shop recycling {5 HUGE black bags of linen, toys, clothes and some books and other bits and bobs},finishing decorating and furnishing Alice's room and re-arranging most of our upstairs before Winter truly arrives.

I'm so relieved to have Alice back in her room again, she chose apple white paint for the walls and I've made her some cushion covers from Ikea fabric we bought back in the summer. It was nice to be able to amble up into my attic space and sew again over the weekend.

Her room is all looking rather pre-teen and we had a ceremonial goodbye to the flowers I painted on her pink walls when she was 2 years old. It feels like a new chapter, an exciting new beginning despite Winter approaching and us hibernating more. Our little girl is growing up each and every day.

In amongst the chaos I managed to carry on furiously crocheting away on my beloved chevron blanket until much to my horror I realised that somehow I had been casting on more stitches than the original 230 per row, making the blanket inconsistent and super duper wavy instead of flat! I felt sick to my stomach as I slowly but surely un-ravelled 17 rows = wait for it...3910 treble stitches

Oops I meant stitches, I really am rather tired.
I was not particularly pleased with my silliness and so have had to remind myself to be mindful of the art of crochet rather than the hurry of a completed project. To cheer myself up I've started knitting a sweetly striped cardigan for my sister in law who is expecting her first little babe in April next year. Aaaahhh the joy and comfort of having more than 1 project on the go. 

Somehow I feel nearly normal again.

So, it's cheerio and hope you all have a snug and super week ahead. I'm off to snuggle up with Alice and her hippo Rose {as seen below in the photo taken by Alice} to read books and tell stories about our day before she goes to the land of nod xox


  1. Aargh, I feel the pain. All those stitches. Well at least you realised now and not even further on (ok that doesn't really help but I'm trying).

  2. 3910 stitches....Oh the pain...there is that dreadful moment when you realise, then you deliberate on possible courses of action, and finally, finally, you pull the stitches out...mind you I quite enjoy that moment too :) Well done on your mega Autumn clear-out... sounds like it was huge. Little girls do grow up fast... mine has just announced her wedding date... I'm sure it was only yesterday that I was putting up Care-Bear wallpaper in her room! :)x

  3. I reckon this house could do with a bit of your treatment. I find myself wanting to move rooms about which I am prone to from time to time, I like to move furniture about and organise, but usually I am pretty untidy, I love the idea of maintenance not major industrial clean!

    Rubbish about your frogging, but as already said at least you hadn't gone further.

    Hope you catch up on your rest....have a good week!

  4. They do grow so fast.

    I remember clearing our eldests whole room out and saying goodbye to a lot of his little boys toys when he went away on a week long school trip last year.

    I did replace everything with new shiny big boys toys (like a TV!) but when he got home he cried. I'm not too sure if it was from happiness or sadness - hopefully a mix of the two.

    Nina x

  5. We are also in the throws of clearing out and remodeling, so much work to do here. Sorry about the crochet mishap, I am never too concerned with crochet as its so easy to pick up and get on with, even if it takes a little time. Knitting on the other hand is much harder to take back and fix. Hope round two goes a lot smoother for you. Hugs xoxox

  6. The chevron blanket is looking amazing, keep going!

  7. Your blanket looks lovely! What an absolute grrrrr moment to have to undo it but at least crochet grows so quickly. That's why I love it. I thought of your lovely blog today when I found a fab set of knitting needles at my local op shop. Red with black tops - just like in your banner! And I can't even knit very well - I just like the look of them in my jar!!! Have a fab week hon.

  8. I always admire anybody who has the patience to knit and crochet. My hand gets so sore I give up.

    But I can sympathise with ripping out stitches - I do this with my sewing. My seam ripper and I are good mates.

    Every time I sit and pull out stitches I sigh and remind myself to just go slow and think about what I am doing instead of whizzing through it - I never learn though. :)

  9. Wow, I feel exhausted just reading about what you've been up to, FIVE bags of recycling! I bet Alice is thrilled with her redecorated room, and once you've had a rest you'll be feeling so much lighter, free-er (and smug!) having moved so much stuff on.
    HOW frustrating to have to unravel all those stitches, but your crochet is gorgeous and I love those warm seasonal shades.
    love Penny x

  10. Hi I'm also having an autumn declutter and decorate. Lovely crochet, I'm just thinking I'd like to do a bit of crochet, not sure I have the time though!!

  11. Oh my goodness, that's A LOT of stitches to have to unravel, what agony! Nothing better than a spot of baby knitting to cheer you up :D And you deserve a bit of gentle crafting time after all that sorting and tidying :D

  12. Lovely blanket! I'm sure it will be worth the effort when it's finished. I need your address for our swap. When you have a mo' can you email me at
    I have most of the things I wanted to get. But have my eye on one more - so a bit more charity shopping inspiration this weekend!

  13. Oh dear! But the blanket is looking lovely.
    My daughter's bedroom is apple white - such a lovely fresh colour.