Friday 25 November 2011

Hello my deer's 

(I found this little fella in Sweden back in September isn't he sweet? 

Hope you have all had a fulfilling week?

Mine has been a busy one with a capital B and this weekend is jam packed with people to see, places to go and new things to be learnt. I just have been itching to blog again despite nothing particularly interesting going on. I must be addicted! Yes, that's what my family think. Soon I will be joining "Bloggers Anonymous" :0)

We eventually got around to having our lovely e-bay 1920's doors hung and I must say we are as pleased as punch with them. I just can't believe how we put up with ugly, characterless 1960's doors for 9 years. All good things in time is what I say. Your home is always a working project I think.

I have had these pretty irises to watch coming into full bloom from Andy to cheer me up on the grey days.

I was fortunate enough to find these two lovelies in a junk shop to put in Alice's stocking. I love old printer's blocks and keys are an absolute favourite of mine. I seem to give Alice a key most years, not sure why, I just do. Maybe it's me giving her the key to a new year in her sweet life?

I scrambled up into the attic to finish off a couple of A line skirts I have been making with this Amy Butler pattern I bought in the summer.
I've made these for a friend of mine who wants to sell them in her retro/vintage clothes shop. Did you recognise any of these prints? Maybe you slept on the left hand one and pulled the curtains of the right hand one :0)
The orange paisley sheet was brand new found at a car boot sale last year I promise, I don't think I would make clothes from used sheets, quilts only.

The ric rac is old too, I love that burnt orange colour.
I think it will be funny if I see someone walking around in these! I did once see a lady wearing one of my vintage button clips that i made and that made me smile.

Other than that it's soon becoming the season to be jolly and I've been playing with some lovely bright red cotton making something weird and wonderful for Alice's after school art teacher. If it turns out how I expect / hope, then I'll show you this fun concept.

Even Dolores (my hand made chicken) is getting into the swing of things!

Happy days to one and all xox See you all soon xox


  1. As a child I had a pilowcase made from the blue version (of the orange one you've made the skirt from)

  2. Your skirts are wonderful - I love the fabric on both of them - and you've inspired me to make a few for myself from my stash of vintage fabrics - I've spent this afternoon sorting out my sewing room and am a bit overwhelmed by how much fabric I have accumulated this year.

    And I love your little deer - I have quite a collection of deer going on - they are getting harder and harder to find though.

    Enjoy your weekend - nice to have lots to do. :)

  3. I think it would be OK to make clothing with sheets. After all, sleeping with a quilt that used to be someones sheet is even more intimate. Anyone feeling funny about that one should think of hotel sheets! I love both the skirts very much. I really want the ex curtain floral one as I think it is beautiful! Actually I want them both as I love orange and the trim you have put on it really looks great. I think your friend will be asking you to make more skirts when these two are snapped up. You've totally inspired me to get out my skirt book and get cracking.

    I have been looking a a deer everywhere for at least two years. I have resigned my self to making a felt one as there is a lovely pattern on etsy.

  4. Hi Penelope, so glad you are addicted to blogging as I always love your posts. I LOVE you chicken ...she's adorable !! your other images are so pretty too ...can't wait to see what the art teacher prezzie is :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. Loving the sweet little deer, and great fabric finds. I love how you named the chicken Dolores, classy! :)

  6. What a wonderful cheering post :D I collect keys too and that's a stunner, sooo pretty. And Dolores is looking very festive, all lit up. Long may the addiction last x

  7. Dolores is THE best name for a chicken! This is a lovely post, filled with beautiful things. The key, the skirts, the doors and your deer.......talking deer, have you seen the Benton the dog clip on YouTube? Worth a watch, will make you smile.

    I enjoy to blog too, in fact I am itching to post, but have also had a hugely busy week and haven't got to it......but this morning blogging has my name written all over it.

    Have a great week!

  8. It'd be incredibly hard to decide which of those skirts to take home as they're both lovely. Great chicken! And you've made me think that I need more fairy lights in my life... x

  9. Hi there. So lovely to be back and have the time to blog hop and read my favourite people again. I said to (Planet) Penny yesterday that I missed reading your blog. When I went a few posts back and saw what you had written I suppose I wasn't surprised by your feelings as I think it's part of the creative mind. I also wanted to let you know how much I admire all you create and how you encompass that into your parenting of Alice. I really wish I made the time and had the patience to teach mine to knit or watercolour. Maybe it's how it is with just one as you get more of a chance. Also you live in one of my favourite parts of the UK so no wonder you find so much inspiration all round.

    Loved what you painted by the way. I'd be framing it.

    Lisa x