Wednesday 9 November 2011


Plenty Provisions Store in St.Leonards-on-Sea is one of my favourite local shops. The lady who owns and runs it re-located from London to the coast a couple of years ago and set up her dream store providing wonderful organic dried and fresh foods, eco-cleaning products, fair trade chocolate and coffee etc. It's a delight to peruse the shelves for something delicious.

She has also followed her dream of having a coffee and cake or deli sandwich mini-cafe at the back of the store and some sweet tables and chairs to sit out on the promenade for you to relax in and bask in the seasonal sunshine. 

Not only do i love all her provisions (which also include selling some beautiful cards and handmade vintage fabric lavender bags) but the BREAD she sells from her suppliers The Lighthouse Bakery in East Sussex is manna from heaven. Melt in your mouth kind-of-stuff.

The Lighthouse bakery bakes all sorts of gorgeous artisan handmade breads, they also have an award wining bakery school with various courses. The courses are a little on the pricey side but a girl can dream can't she! (I promise I've been good this year Santa ;0)

I bought a loaf of our favourite treat bread this week...

Plaited chocolate bread, Say no more!

The great thing about this bread is that you can freeze it and have it available for those chilly dark evenings when you fancy a sweet treat.


If you are anything like my family it will be warmed up in the microwave and gobbled with melting butter in one go! 

A girl can dream about frozen chocolate bread can't she xox


  1. Delis have to be among my favourite types of shop......did someone mention food?

    If I had my dream shop it would be a gallery with a exquisite cake shop so that people could look at beautiful things while eating the best cake that money could buy!

    The chocolate bread does look scrummy!

  2. So pleased you did a post on Plenty - every time we drive past I go "Ooooh that looks lovely! Must go in there. " Haven't done so yet but will definitely do so now - it looks fabulous. Thanks.

    My dream shop - one I would like to own - would be a lot like that.

    As for that chocolate bread...I am drooling.

  3. Ohhh think I have died and gone to heaven lol!
    Chocolate bread yum!
    LOVE the shop!
    LOVE that someone is living their dream too!

  4. That sore looks amazing!
    I love hearing about people who followed their dreams like this.
    Also, that chocolate bread- nom nom!!!

  5. sorry- *store* not sore!!!! Not sure what type of sores would look amazing- but I don't want to know about them :)
    sorry about that typo

  6. and now my mouth is watering.....!! x

  7. What a wonderful looking shop. I would just be in there every single day. I'm not fussed on chocolate but do like (love, adore, scoff, crave, dream of....) bread so I would be very tempted by that bread or any other...

  8. why haven't I seen it on my visits? I think we'll have to make 'Plenty' our venue when we meet up next, it looks wonderful. And as for Chocolate Bread....Wow!
    Penny xxx

  9. Well this girl will definitely now be dreaming about plaited chocolate bread ... that looks supremely delicious!

  10. What a beautiful shop, and that bread.... mmm! Cold weather doesn't seem so bad when you can legitimately treat yourself to that!

  11. Oh my goodness that chocolate bread look sooo scrummy!!! I'm feeling rather peckish now ;)