Wednesday 16 November 2011

Journey of definition's

Hello, I'm back with my blanket in tow...listening to this song

I have adored making this blanket.
It was comforting, all encompassing, each stitch mindfully accomplished.

I think I may very well mourn not having this beauty of knotted V's to work on.

I'm going to take you on a little journey {whilst you munch your popcorn/maltesers/winegums/sweeties/chocolate buttons/glass of wine - delete as appropriate}
through the different definitions of what a chevron can mean/be.

So here goes

(oh yes don't forget to put your tongue in cheek before you embark on this journey)

First definition:

1. (Military) Military a badge or insignia consisting of one or more V-shaped stripes to indicate a noncommissioned rank or length of service

Yes, these are V shaped stripes
Plenty V shapes and stripes
Commissioned: For cosy couch days in
Length of service: 105 rows x 230 stitches

Second definition:

2. (History / Heraldry) Heraldry an inverted V-shaped charge on a shield, one of the earliest ordinaries found in English arms

Yes, it has been my shield, this Autumn of 2011
Something to hide behind while I continued to create my coat of arms against the freezing weather {sometimes world} 

Definition three:

3. (usually plural) a pattern of horizontal black and white V-shapes on a road sign indicating a sharp bend

No black and white, only 70's inspired retro-like colour's please. 
Yes, there have been times when it has driven me around a sharp bend!

Definition four:

4. any V-shaped pattern or device

My darling chevron blanket you are no "any V-shaped pattern", you are THE V shaped pattern :0)
{found in this divine book here}

Definition Five:

5. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Architecture) Also called dancette an ornamental moulding having a zigzag pattern

Oooooh chevron blanket you ARE a dancette of fine art
You Zigg You Zagg

I heart all of you

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the little journey of definitions xox


  1. Penelope, I love this post! A dancette of fine art! I love the blanket too of course, just gorgeous, but most of all I love the way you have presented it to the world with such panache!

  2. Victory! Its fantastic! I had to refrain from all the goodies on this journey as its only 6am and coffee is more appropriate right now. :-) Very much loving your presentation to start the day! Hugs xoxoxoxxo

  3. It is super duper fabulosa! ( I made that last one up )
    LOVE IT, well done :-D

  4. I'm with karisma, it coffee and zigzags for me here. Those colours are beautiful. This makes me want to learn to zig and zag.
    Such a pretty pretty blanket!!

  5. Respect to you, what fine crochet you do. I can't do anything other than chain stitch and because that didn't get me very far I gave up. Knitting is more my thing, but even that hasn't happened around here in a long while.
    Thank you for dropping by, and for your lovely comment. By the way, I am deleting all the munchies save the glass of wine. Cheers!
    Kate x

  6. (> " " <) (> " " <) (> " " <)
    ( ='o'= ) ( ='o'= ) ( ='o'= )
    -(,,)-(,,)- -(,,)-(,,)--(,,)-(,,)-....

    from Chile

  7. Ooooh, it's wonderful Penelope . I love the way you describe your blanket as a coat of arms against the weather . I'm needing to start a new blanket now after this inspiring post :0)
    Jacquie x

  8. What a brilliant post! I adore your blanket sooooo much!

  9. Gorgeous blanket and great post! The colours are fantastic, I might have to make a chevron blanket for myself! Have a great day! Julie:)

  10. It's gorgeous, Penelope! Hope you enjoy snuggling up in all those chevrons in their many definitions, a great post! xxx

  11. Gorgeous indeed, along with the explainations. Def have to hook up a Chevron.
    xx Sandi

  12. It's lovely and looks really snuggly and comfy - I could do with some of that right now.

    I had to frog my chevron as I miscounted really badly and it just went all wonky.

    Thank you for the allotment warm wishes,

    Nina x

  13. it looks fantastic penelope! I know you will love snuggling underneath it! Loving the retro goodness XXXXX

  14. Your blanket is absolutely gorgeous! Almost makes winter worthwhile. :)

  15. (not sure how i missed this post sorry!) your blanket is gorgeous in all it's zig and zag. It's a funny feeling to finish something and feel a bit lost without it, although now you can snuggle which is pretty good too! Well done Penelope, it's bootiful!

    I am laying claim to all those unwanted snacks from those over the water....told you I was greedy!

  16. Gorgeous! I think I said previously that I love the kind of chevron with eyelets.