Sunday 20 February 2011

All about my girl

Hello me dears, thanks so much or all your gorgeous words of encouragement about my Japanese Flower scarf, it truly was a pleasure to make and give away to H who was bowled over by it. It adorned her neck the next day when I saw her and I was really pleased to see that not only did it look pretty and spring like but was also practical and kept her warm xox

So have you all had a lovely weekend of whimsy and frollicking with yarn ?

For the first time in what feels like aaaaaages I haven't had any projects on the go! No sireee not one, can you believe it? I did say in my previous post that all my creative energy had run a little dry and then I found Lucy's Japanese Flowers to crochet which I thoroughly enjoyed and have now once again felt a little slump re-appear.

So, we decided to follow another of my other passions.........
BOOKS, however this time it was all about my girl,
Alice..... buying books, feeling their covers, reading about the author's, knowing when they were published, appreciating the illustrations, discussing the plots and themes and just wallowing in the joy of the English language. Soon we found ourselves here, at Mr. & Mrs. Doaks Bumper Book Store for boys and girls in Hastings Old Town.

Now, I am definitely partial to shopping for books in my local charity shops and usually find incredible bargains but this weekend we decided to go big with spending some of that Christmas cash on new ones. 

Alice was in heaven, so many books, such gorgeous words and titles pulling us this way and that. I have to admit that I have always been a huge fan of children's books and have always admired people who can write stories to capture a child's imagination. It is one of the many privileges I have as a parent, being able to re-live my childhood through Alice and really take pure delight in seeing her eyes open up to the world of literature. Something I didn't really appreciate when I was her age but now have the maturity to fully embrace.

So, we came away with some interesting choices...

Apparently The Wimpy Kid is all the rage right now! Ok I said, now Can I show you what was all the rage when I was 10?

Oh, how times have changed! and how old I feel all of a sudden! I know this glorious book was published back in 1930 but as far as I am concerned it's a timeless classic and it must of been revived in the 70's for me to have enjoyed it so much.

All in all it was a happy afternoon, we came away with some lovely buys and will use some of our free time this half term to get stuck in to reading them. In amongst all of this I am chaperoning for Alice's performing arts school production of

Alice in Wonderland

I hope that all of you who have children on half term holiday's, enjoy your time together no matter what you do xox

As for me, I am hoping to have a surge of inspiration very soon for I cannot be without needles and hooks and yarn for very long :0)


  1. Lucie thoroughly enjoyed the Wimpy kid books, she is enjoying reading Michael Morpurgo books at the moment.
    Have a great half term. xx

  2. Ooh I do not enjoy cretive slumps! I hope you find your creativity again soon!
    When I was a kid it was all about babysitters club and saddle club books, I have to admit I've never heard of Alices Wimpy Kids or your timeless classic, but aren't they the loveliest to re-read??!!
    have a lovely week, I'm knitting a jumper (my first ever) and I'm finding the green is getting a bit boring!!!!!!

  3. Hi Penelope , my boys love the whimpy kid books. At the moment I'm re- reading Captain underpants to them at bedtime , very funny as well :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. We're not quite at that stage yet, as Flora is not yet six and just learning to read, but I must remember those wimpy kid books for later. I love Swallows and Amazons too- "better drowned than duffers, if not duffers won't drown".

  5. I used to love shopping for books with my two. Bec is a complete bookworm but Sam is more of a slug, it's much harder to get him interested. Reading opens up so many worlds to children although Sam is not short of imagination.
    Hope the show goes well.
    Have a happy week :)
    Jo x

  6. Hi Penelope , thanks for your comment answer your questions ....I ordered the stylecraft mainly to get some more of the orange colour "shrimp" as I'm using it in my granny square blanket and I'd run out . Then I ordered plum and a darker purple called emporor incase one will work and a border to all my squares .....the other colours just took my fancy :0)
    I did find it tricky ordering online as you don't really know what the colours will look like in the flesh.
    the stylecraft is lovely yarn at a great price .
    Master BM's granny stripe is made from an assortment of acrylics ...if i like the colour and it feels soft I buy it :0)
    I do like the idea of working with one brand though .
    Hope the rehersals are going well .
    Jacquie x