Saturday 12 February 2011

Flowery goodiness

'The sun is in the sky and why oh why would I want to be anywhere else' - Lily Allen sung these words a year or 2 ago and that's what I feel like today. England in the crisp, cool wintery sunshine is one of my favourite feelings. I love getting layers of woolly goodness on and going for a long walk with my beloved Andy and our gorgeous girl Alice. Either down by the sea-side or up in the woods/countryside, followed by a hot cup of tea and cake.

xox simple perfection I think xox

Of course a sunny day has other meanings too... grab the camera quick for a few photo's of my latest project. We all know and love the gorgeous Lucy of Attic24 fame, well she gave me oh such a boost of inspiration when she posted her Japanese Flower Scarf and pattern links here.

I was feeling like I was in a bit of a creative slump, thinking that I didn't have too much spare cash to spend on new yarn and that I must not be greedy for more yarn, instead I needed to use up all my bits and bobs from this basket

So Lucy's timing of her pattern links for the Japanese Flower Scarf could not have been better and so I download the pictorial instructions and gave it a whirl

I made it in about 10 minutes and felt my creative juices re-appearing as I was rather pleased with myself for having interpreted a crochet diagram pattern for the first time ever and to be frank with you I think I found it easier than written instructions!

So last night, it was DVD, popcorn and hooky time with Alice and these little flowers materialised

They are really easy, I promise and I decided to make a magic circle instead of a chain to begin with and in the first row did Trebles without 1 chain between them as the pattern suggests. I wanted a then 'tighter' in the centres and am pleased with the results.

And so my purple stash is now becoming depleted and I am a happy hooking girl again xox Yay !

A scarf rather than a shawl will be created as a present for a friend's up and coming birthday. I feel very high spirited and happy about it today... (this may well be linked to the tax man sending me a letter which I dreaded opening this morning to find that I am owed some money! Oh frubjulous day.... I can put it away towards a happy camping trip we are planning for the summer!)

Blessings and beautiful moments and memories to you all. Thank you so much for all your comments of kindness. I'll say goodbye with some more flowery goodiness xox


  1. I adore those crochet flowers- makes me so frustrated that I can't get the hang of crochet- can't wait to see the finished item! xx

  2. Such lovely colours!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Penelope, love your flowers , great way to use up some of your stash. I've never followed a graph but I'm determined to give it a try soon.
    The light in your seaside picture is beautiful, I would love to live closer to the coast.
    Jacquie x

  4. Lovely flower motifs, and surely your scarf will turn out very pretty! I love to follow crochet diagram patterns and same to you, I find it very easy! I'm glad you have fun with it! Enjoy! :)
    Love the seaside picture and your flowers in the sunshine look great!
    Have a fabulous weekend to my lovely friend Penelope!
    LS, xxx

  5. Ooh Penelope, what a wonderful scarf that will be! I'm so excited about making something from that lovely pattern too, but I may have to wait a while... I'm so impressed that you read a graph, I try but it is opposite to the direction I hook, so even more confusing! I looked at the directions in french and between them and the chart I may be able to get it right, but got confused on the petal round, how did you get the space to make the petals in, oh wise one!!!????
    I am so in awe of graph readers!
    Have yourself a lovely weekend XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    p.s I love popping in on the off chance that you might have updated and finding a new post, it's such an exciting buzz!

  6. Penelope, I so want to make one of these scarfs as well. Your colours are great, muted and tonal. Can't wait to see the finished article. I too looked at the french site and the colours used in the first picture are just stunning! So uplifting, especially for this time of year. Reminds me of sunflowers. Have a great weekend. XXX

  7. Love those colours, Penelope, and the flowers are so pretty. I'd love to have a go but I have a very exciting project coming up and I think my felting needle is going to be red hot! (I'll be writing about it as soon as it's settled so you'll find out very soon!) Hope you are well, that picture of the sea made me want to drive down to the South Coast straight away! Penny xx

  8. Hi Penelope
    We had a truly lovely birthday weekend - thank you.
    I love all the purpley tones what a thoughtful friend you are to make that as a gift.
    I'm very jealous of sunshine by the sea we had rain most of the weekend!
    Have a happy week
    Jo x