Monday 14 February 2011

Happy heart day

Wishing you all a happy heart day today

This heart was made for me by my fine artist friend B some years ago, who made me an anatomical heart as she wanted me to remember that love can be a bloody thing.
(Hope this has not offended anyone, but I see why she saw the dark side of love at that time and my poetical self sees it too)

On a lighter note here is a picture of a beautifully painted Claire Fletcher children's drum I saw in one of my favourite shops called Made in Hastings Old town on Saturday

May your coming week be full of delight xox


  1. Wow that heart is awesome- so beautifully made! x

  2. Both hearts are lovely! Something that is in fashion amongst the jeweleery designers in wellington right now is to make heart necklaces like that, they're quite kooky and icky but very cool and different!
    you have yourself a lovely week! it's getting colder here, are you warming up over there? I love that fact that I have lots of northern hemisphere friends now, it's fun to find out whats happening on the other side of the world!!!