Monday 7 February 2011

Tea and flowers

Yay, I have found a little window of time to do a short but sweet post about my latest finished project.

I hope you all had a super fab weekend? Ours was very busy with social gatherings and a wedding on Saturday, it just flew by. I'll show you a photo of Alice's stockings she chose to wear with her Scottish kilt to the wedding, I thought she looked rather funky and gorgeous if I don't mind saying so myself!

Can I also  show you a quick photo of my sorted out "left overs" stash which Alice and I had great fun rolling into balls where needed and popping into a basket to make it look a bit rustic and pretty...

Quite a lot of pinks and purples going on there! Hmm I feel a little project coming on....

Ok, on with the ta dah moment I've been yearning to show you for a few days now but the light has been so awful and I just couldn't wait any more, so, sorry if the photo's are not best quality.

It all started with this...

 Which became this...

This amazingly simple but very quick and effective pattern was the brainchild of the ever lovely Alice who's Spring Explosion tea cozy inspired me into knitting this as a gift for one of my dearest friends who is having a new kitchen put in and needed a little knitted love for her tea pot.

So it progressed on to making these...

 And finally became this beauty...

 Ta dah.... I just love it! Not as complicated on the flower front as it could of been, I haven't progressed to knitting the gorgeous flowers Alice does (One day I can but only hope !) but nevertheless a little posy of flower happiness on the top of my cosy.

and a little one of these buttons to adorn the cosy

I know this will go to H's good home with many cups of tea brewing away and it might just set off a conversation or two, I'm sure she'll let me know xox

Thanks for stopping in and all your encouraging and sweet comments. They do make me happy and all the sharing and goodwill in blogland makes it great fun. I'll say goodbye with some of our flowers we've been enjoying this past 10 days or so. Have a glorious and blessed week ahead xox

For those of yu who guessed, my hyacinth was this delicious candyfloss pink x

And last but not least my all time spring favourite, the tulip x


  1. Awww, those tights are lovely. My eldest used to have some just like that and I always wanted them to fit me. Why can children get away with them so much better than adults?
    Your tea cosy is fabulous.

  2. Lovely tea cosy! I still have the pattern you gave me in my pending tray, Penelope, I'm on a roll with the needle felting just at the moment tho'! (I too love those tights!) Penny x

  3. Hi Penelope
    I hope the sun shone at the wedding. We have had nothing but rain! Great tights.
    Great tea cosy and posy detail too.
    Have a lovely week.
    Jo x

  4. And what a ta-da! It is gorgeous Penelope! Truly fab, well done. I love the natural colour you did it in, I may need to make my next one in natural because yours is lovely.... And as for the flowers, of course you could make some!
    Alice's tights are awesome, I'm almost lookinf forward to winter and getting back into funky woolies... did I just say that???!!!
    Love Alice XXX

  5. Love the bright tights and the tea cosy - especially the addition of a little butterfly :)

  6. Love the tea cozy - I have just made one too. Great fun!

  7. Fantastic! Super amazing work Penelope! :)

  8. Love the tea cosy.
    Mmm... the smell of hyacinths.