Monday 28 February 2011

While Papa is away...

Well hello there... it feels like I have been way for some time, that's half term for you! Anyway, today, we are back to 'normal' with school and work and packed lunches and homework and housework !?! and just general routine that is defined by time ticking away.

Of course it's not all that regimented when we are "let loose" to be free range in our own time away from the drabness of routine and institutions, such that sometimes we feel wilder than ever.......

like taking a ride on a vintage bike to a place we've never been to before

or a crazy dip in a freezing ocean with some 1950's goggles :0)

The moral of my story is a simple one, feel the fear and do it anyway xox

Alright, I'll come back down to earth now! I do so enjoy in embracing the extra-ordinary in life and fortunately I have a superb daughter who indulges me in being a little kooky at times (her words not mine!). I hope you have all enjoyed the past weekend and have had a chance for a little kookiness yourself?

Yesterday, we said farewell to Andy aka Papa for the next 6 days as he has packed his bags and gone on a business trip to Copenhagen and Berlin... oh boy how very much Alice and I wanted to climb into his bags and go to these most fabulous cities with him. He was rather excited and has planned this trip so he has a few little pockets of free time to do some exploring and indulging in local cuisine and beer no doubt! So...... while Papa's away it's a GIRLS ONLY zone here in chez L is for Love and demands a great degree of attention to planning our "free range" time!

We'll do a little of this....
and this...
and lots of this...

Some of this...

and of course lots of this...

and I think we will take a trip to the movies which we do very occasionally but somehow this girly week will be a perfect time to make an exciting mid-week activity for us :0)

It's going to be a fun week and even though we will miss Papa oh so very much we can celebrate and enjoy having a memorable time together (and not having to pick up smelly socks too! hee hee).

I hope you have a marvelous week ahead and get to do something extra-ordinary/wild/delightful/pleasurable in your free time. I'll say cheerio for now and leave you with a photo of my current left over yarn stash 'mop up' WIP which I'll show all you lovelies in the next few days. Thank you for your comments, thank you for indulging me in this pastime and thank you for your wonderful inspiring blogs xox


  1. Have a lovely week Alice and Penelope!!!

  2. Hi Penelope, Oooh, sounds like a week from heaven.. I agree with your earlier comments too! Have a lovely time! Sarah x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on today's post penelope! I am all about the refuge as I work for one in wellington as part of my counselling degree so am very involved in working with victims of DV, so it's nice to hear that people would want to give in these times, and yay for granny squares! I hope this lady gets it all together so we can make some!!! I would have taken it on, but I've just started school again and all my other jobs mean I can't commit to it, but sooooooooooooo want to be a part of it! Bloggers are so beautifully generous!

  4. Hope you've had lots of fun! I've just come from the Swedish House and there you are, winning a prize! Congratulations!

  5. How very wonderful - what a special 'you and me' time you will have.
    Enjoy your week.
    Jo x

  6. Hope you had a wondeful girly week!