Thursday 17 March 2011

Dear Diary

Hello all you lovelies out there in the blogosphere. How has the week been treating you so far? Firstly, do you mind if I have a little "dear diary rant" ? I do like to keep my blog a positive, happy place but I feel I need to get this off my chest, so please forgive me for the first bit of this post xox

I have been brooding over some of the negative/nasty comments that some gorgeous / inspiring bloggers  in the land of blog have been getting lately which has brought me round to thinking once again.... Why am I doing a blog, what inspired me to start this in 2009? Do I want to make myself vulnerable to people on the internet sending me negative comments and nasty vibes?

I looked up the definition on Wikipedia here where they define a blog as a blend of the term "web log" and hence it being a log of events/photos/video's etc that are personal to the individual doing the blog and is also defined as a personal online diary which I really loved the idea that it would be something I could have as a chronical / archive of some of the creative aspects of my life which I could keep forever and access from any computer at any time.

Of course having this blog has brought so much more than what was anticipated back in August 2009 and I have discovered all of you and your inspiration that has been such a positive force in my life. As I have already mentioned before in a previous post blogging has become a "hobby" for me and as a result it has brought many smiles, joy, incredible inspiration, knowledge, a break from other responsibilities (being mum/wife/working), a meeting of like minds and a community of strong, beautiful and caring people who find hope and beauty in amongst all the despair and difficulties life / the world can bring. So..... I would like to say a big Thank You for all of the above and I hope that my blog continues to be a little fun time out for you to visit from your busy lives.

Here's to New Life and New Joy !

Oh thank you Mother Nature for all your perfection xox

Do you remember these photographs from my last couple of posts?

Well, today I am bringing you my attempt at a Cath Kidston inspired crochet tea cosy. I do so love pink  and green together so I pulled out my Debbie Bliss bubblegum pink and minty green DK cashmerino yarn and got hooking to produce this sweet cosy.

It was my very first attempt at creating a pattern as such and it was good fun! I know it's by no means perfect and seems a little "holey" in places but I feel quite pleased with the result (perfection is not something I personally aspire to!). As you can see I left a little hole at the top to pop the teapot lid through. I started by chaining 60 and +3 chains for the first treble (Tr) and just carried on in pink and green stripes until I needed to divide in half to crochet one side and then come back to the other, hence creating a space for the spout in my "all in one" tea cosy (is this making sense?)

The teapot handle side was then stitiched from the topof the cosy down to the top of the teapot handle and then I added a button a the bottom of the cosy to close it into a snug hugging teapot cosy. This picture might make more sense than my words!

Then it was time for a little decorating...

Nothing like a bit of ric rac sewn onto the bottom edge of the cosy warm the cockles of my heart xox II am a rather massve fan of ric rac, such childhood memories of my mum sewing all my dresses and adding ric rac for fun x

And there she is, a tribute to CK and the much needed inspiration to kick start me into hooking again! I also had a very strong desire to play with felt and embroidery cotton and so a heart and flower was born. Who know's what will be next? The world is my oyster so they say xox

Anyone fancy a cuppa? xox

Well, that's all folks for the time being.
Wishing you all oodles of inspiration
Little flowers
Butterflies and


  1. Don't worry about nasty comments, people have sad, empty lives if that's what they want to do.

    Your tea cosy is fab! I've not managed to make up a pattern yet, well, I've not tried yet either, lol.

    Keep up the great blog!! (It's listed on my blog list and has been for a few weeks now x)

    Love Roz

  2. It is beautiful Penelope!
    Will join you for sure for a cup of tea :)

  3. Penelope, I love your little tea cosy, and yes, pink and green go wonderfully together. As for negative comments, they are jealous and very small minded. I always tell my children, if you have nothing nice to say, then just don't speak at all please.
    Please don't stop blogging because of a few nasties, I love your blog and I love what you create and share on your blog. My blog is basically replacing my written journal. Just like you, it's a collection of you, it's a collection of what you create, and it's a wonderful source of meeting likeminded bloggers and making new friends. I know I have met some wonderful new friends through blogging.
    Have a lovely weekend at your place.

  4. Hello Penelope! what a lovely tea cozy! It is super sweet and minty and I'm pleased that it has brought you so much joy!!!
    I've been thinking about the less-than-supportive comments that very occasionally appear sometimes too and how it can take the shine off things, isn't it funny that one comment can negate 600 lovely comments? It's hard though, when people diss who we are because what we put out there is so personal... just one of those things it is!
    Have a lovely weekend! And loving those daffs!

  5. When you get a nasty comment, just send them love, for they are very sad souls indeed.
    Love your teacosy, I almost bought a little round teapot today just so I could dress it up in a cosy hehe.
    x Sandi

  6. Love, love, love the tea cosy!
    I don't know why people feel the need to leave nasty comments. It's been putting me off blogging too.

  7. What a lovely teacosy - I do like pink and green together.

  8. This tea cozy is too cute! I love how you finished it off with some felty flower goodness! The heart leaf backdrop was ingenious! So glad to have found your blog this morning! Adding you to my Crochet Blog roll for sure! Catch you again soon!

  9. Hear Hear Penelope! After a tough 35 h working week and the demands of being mum and wife and keeping on top of house work I get my "petrol" from reading a positive, creative, inspiring blog like yours, and attic24 and crochet with raymond among others! It is not a guilty's a pleasure! Ons gaan blymoedig voort!