Saturday 19 March 2011

I crochet therefore I am

Good saturday sunny morning! Oooooh it's sunny, I have had a fabulous restful night's sleep and I am filled with the joy's of spring today.

I also started something new, something simple, something that any granny would approve of...

Ode to the granny square and all her simple therapeutic goodness!

All made from this yarn and a 4mm hook

The brown is 50% wool found in Lidl yesterday (6 x 50g for £3.99) and the Freedom Spirit bought in C & H fabrics last Saturday, 100% wool (1 x 50g at £4.55 per ball)
I love it!

Thank you God for simple things xox

Wishing you all a free spirited weekend xox


  1. Hello Penelope, I'm happy you are enjoying the sunshine weekend! Love your beautiful granny squares, and the yarn looks really gorgeous! Lovely post! You bring me a fresh and comfortable feeling! Keep enjoying your lovely weekend!!! x

  2. Oooooh, that Freedom Spirit wool is delicious! Enjoy your weekend. xx

  3. I do love a granny square!! x

  4. Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting and making a huge pile of simple granny squares.
    Love the wool. xx

  5. Hi Penelope, thanks for your lovely comment about my daisy blanket - loving that Freedom Spirit yarn, makes for a very different look to a granny square. Also really love your blog header photos - gorgeous colurs and patterns!

  6. Oooooooooooohhh! I LOVE that wool! We even get it here at the shop I do my crochet classes in!! I haven't seen THAT lovely colour though! It is so soft and delicious! My friend knitted a jersey from it in the orange and it turns out all stripey and fantastic, I'm dying to knit the colours I've got into something special!

    Have a happy hopefully sunshiney weekend!!

  7. Mmm... I love your granny squares! And your tea cozy. So cute! Heading off to our cabin for what will hopefully be a spirited filled week. :)

  8. These colours go really well together. Wonderful squares! Hope you have a lovely week :) Ames

  9. simple things are so sweet, hope you had a delightful weekend, I did here!!! with lots of quality me time....I feel a little spoilt truth be told!! TK xx

  10. Hej Penelope
    Happy 1st day of Spring for yesterday...
    Your grannies are beautiful, love the colour mix
    I LOVE your collection of jars and bottles.

  11. That is the same Freedom Spirit colourway I used to make the fingerless gloves which Higins ate! I LOVE those soft sunset colours! I didn't realise how long it's ben since I last visited Penelope,you've done so much! I'm off to have a look at that Picasa Mosaic thingy, it looks fun! Hope you are all well, love Pennyxxx (Planet Penny)

  12. working on some granny squares right now myself, you can't beat the mindless, theraputic rythm of churning them out - lovely!

  13. Beautiful grannies. I am hooking some as well. I can hook two during tumbling lessons and three or four during cheer practice. Waiting for kids is far more fun with something to keep my hands busy. ~Kelly (un)Deniably Domestic!

  14. Hi Penelope, just found your blog via Alice at Crochet with Raymond. I love what you've done with the Freedom Spirit wool - I can't remember seeing granny squares done with that sort of yarn before. I neeed to have a go! :)