Saturday 12 March 2011

Little pleasures

Guess what? I've hung my washing on the line for the first time this year and it feels goooooood! I love sunshine  on our washed clothes and linens and having a soft breeze blow all the winter cobwebs away :0)

I've also had my little garden gnome helping me pot up some new rose bushes I bought and sew some wild flower seeds for our little courtyard garden. Alice has joined eco-club at school and is really into encouraging insect life and recycling which I am so chuffed about! (shhh...don't tell, I am a little sad she hasn't chosen knitting club yet.... oh well, there is still time and an excuse for me to carry on hooking and knitting so as to set a good example for her... hee hee that's my excuse anyway)

So should we get on with me sharing some of my little pleasures with you this sunny Saturday? Ok then, 

Little pleasure #1: a lovely little parcel was waiting for me on Thursday when I got back from work and it was my blog give-away win I received from the lovely Julie over at Swedish House, I was very happy to receive such a dotty prize, it makes me want to have a polka dot party....hmmm now that's a idea!

Little pleasure #2:

Beautiful, very fragrant daffs picked from a dear friend's allotment this week. This was my lovely friend who was given my last tea cosy and Japanese crochet flower scarf, a perfect exchange of happiness I think.

Little pleasure #3:

A heart cut out for mama by Alice from a galaxy choc wrap x

Little pleasure #4:

New magazines... pure curl up on the couch decadence

I like the look of these upcycling ladies who have called themselves The Skip Sisters (very clever indeed) and their website can be found here with a bit about them, their gallery and links. 

Little pleasure #5:

It's true what they say ~ there's 'nuffin like a puffin ~ I bought these on Amazon at half price and just adore them. I have always been a secret stasher of postcards and this little box of 100 have given me and I'm sure will continue to give me immense pleasure. My inspiration for buying these came from Sue at The Quince Tree who loves puffin publications.

Last but not least a little hint of things to come to this blog...

Little pleasure #6:

Have a pleasurable weekend where ever you are xox


  1. Isn't it wonderful that the younger ones are being encouraged to garden and take an active interest in nature? Being of a certain age, it was standard practice when I was at school to be taught about trees, and insects and birds. It is such a pity we lost that, but I'm glad its coming back into the curriculum. I've managed to get my washing on the line four times in the last fortnight and it is such a joy. Even though its not completely dry when I bring it in, it smells so lovely and fresh. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xxx

  2. Crikey- too much lovliness for one post- my head is spinning! Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  3. Hello Penelope,
    I love your post :)
    and love your little pleasures :)
    Have a great sunday!

  4. Lovely little pleasures! those daffs are making me want winter to be over so I can enjoy some too!!!
    There is a lot of loveliness in this post! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and is that a CK inspired tea cozy's bottom I spy???!!! he he he

  5. He Penelope, lovely post full of little pleasures.
    Love polka dots, Daffodils, tea cosies, chocolate and particularly ECL magazine.
    Beautiful butterflies too, but hanging washing on the line you can't beat line dried for freshness. Simple pleasures........

    Claire :)

  6. All so lovely :-) - I'm very envious of your sunshine and washing-on-the-line though, we've got snow again!

  7. Snap! I had my washing out and replanted some pots this weekend too.

  8. Hej Penelope
    What a lovely cheery post.
    LOVE all your photographs.
    Sunshine and washing on the line...I am jealous ;-)
    You are v.welcome for the dotty polka dot prize.
    I am v.sorry I didn't enclose a note to was a manic weekend in London, I only achieved half of what I would have liked to have done...and my Mother-in-law, eventually posted them out to you on Wednesday I think...sorry you had to wait soo long.
    Glad you like them.
    All your other goodies are soo nice to check out the Puffin Postcards.
    Have a good week

  9. What a beautiful daffodills!