Friday 4 March 2011

Friday Bliss

Hello dearest fellow bloggers!

Have you had a good week? It's been a groovy kind of week here whilst Andy has been away, Alice and I have had such fun together doing all the great things mums and daughters can do. I know I go on about his sometimes, but I really do still have to pinch myself at how incredibly fortunate and blessed I am to have a beautiful daughter who is a true wonder and great company too xox

She made me this heart last night and it was waiting for me on my pillow as I climbed into bed... love the colours Alice x

Ok, enough of me being sentimental... I am going to be the worst blubbering mother when she reaches big milestones in the next 10+ years of her little life. Amazing how history repeats itself, I guess it's my turn to go through this process.

So.... back to the subject at hand.                                Friday b*l*i*s*s* , what a divine feeling after the working week. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the fortunate one's to love my job and get a kick out of helping people in my daily work BUT nothing can take away that Friday feeling. I wallow in it to be honest, I take a few minutes out when I get  home to close my eyes and just embrace the joy of life and what we can do in our lovely family weekend time together. I have been known to do the dance of joy if I can use this as a confessional! {dance of joy = me jumping about in a silly way... poor Alice, note to self: I will must stop this habit before she becomes a teenager!}

We have a couple of routine weekend activities like Alice's ballet on a Saturday and church on a Sunday which gives us soul food for the week ahead, but other than that it's open sesame as to what happens.

Tonight we will be couch potatoes with a DVD and popcorn (home-made of course) and tomorrow morning we will be visiting a little new friend who will be 1 next week and will be the receiver of my 'mopping up yarn stash' mission I seem to have found myself on before I allow myself to indulge in buying more yarn. So, do you remember this photo from the last post?

You may very well have guessed that I was knitting little triangles for some baby bunting

A perfect little project to use up bits and bobs of yarn that you may have left over from other projects. It's also such a satisfying thing to do as it's quick and really involves very basic knitting skills. I casted on 30 stitches of cotton, merino, cotton wool mixes , anything i had that needed using up really and knitted 2 rows in garter stitch and then decreased by 1stitch at the beginning of each row until I was left with 1 stitch and pulled the yarn through to finish it off.

To finish these off I sewed the ends in and made a few decorative centres for the bunting flags...

I had great fun doing these and eventually joined them all together with one long crochet chain made from a natural  rowan tweed wool I had left over from one of my T-cosy's.

Not a brilliant ta-dah! photo as I didn't have time to hang it up before work this morning and I was afraid that the sun would have disappeared before I got home! I still need to add a couple of buttons on to finish it completely this evening. To really show it off a little to all of you who like this kind of thing I made a wee little mosaic on Picasa...

Yay, I really hope baby Annabel likes this and that it brings a little fun and joy into her new bedroom xox

All that leaves me to do is say happy weekend to all of you, and welcome to some new followers I've noticed arriving.  Thank you for letting me indulge my frivolity with all of you xox


  1. Such pretty bunting, I love how each one is different. Have a great weekend. xx

  2. Hi Penelope , love your photos and the bunting is very sweet , yarn and felt ,my fave :0)
    Have a great weekend .
    Jacquie x

  3. I love what you have done with the bunting, very sweet, just right for a little person. My granddaughters name is Anabelle, she is turning 4 next Saturday.
    I am in my 50's my daughter is 20 and I have never stopped dancing. She is a dancer and teaches dancing as well, I work at the dance school part-time and have been known to start dancing to the music when classes are on, they just laugh, so....never stop, it keeps you young :) Your daughter is a very sweet and loving person.
    x Sandi

  4. Love the bunting! Have a great weekend. xx

  5. Sat here just knitting one of your bunting triangles as the looks so quick and easy. Thank you for that. Hope you too have a wonderful weekend.

    Colette x

  6. Gorgeous bunting Penelope! it's very sweet and your friend will love it!
    Glad to hear that you had a lovely week bonding with Alice and I'm sure you will both be glad to see Andy back!
    Yay, it's sunday here and Karen's Mum is going home after 5 days with us, we're both exhausted and a bit stressed so plan to relax like crazy for the last little bit of our weekend!!!!!!!!

  7. First of all I love your colourful new header - gorgeous, secondly I also share a lovely bond with my daughter and wish she was still 10 not 17 the years have flown, and third what a beautiful gift for a little one.
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    Jo x

  8. ahh, lovely post - Fridays are truely the best. your bunting is beautiful, lucky baby xx

  9. Beautiful bunting. So creative. x