Saturday 26 March 2011

Sweet charity

Good Morning Sweet People.
Please don't be put off by my toes! I was uuumming and aaaahing as to whether this photo might make you all run away but I decided that hopefully my very first attempt at ripple crochet over a year ago might make you stay a while. It's a cotton bath mat that I rippled away and I must say it's a little treasure of mine as it was in the early days when I was following on-line tutorials to help me go beyond the granny square so I am quite fond of this little bath mat.
It was also a time when I thought you could get away with being lazy and just snip snip snip the ends off without sewing them in to your crochet. Needless to say I have long learnt my lesson in being a lazy hooking girl!

Did you spot something else (other than my poorly out of practice painted toes) in the above photo?

 Hello vintage needles

Thank you Macmillan Charity shop for providing these for me to purchase at 20p a pair, they have gone to a good home I promise and oh to think of who used these needles, what they have knitted over the years. I am a romantic and nostalgia makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
Knitting needles I LOVE you xox

Hello, what's this?


Isn't it the sweetest little bowl (50p)?
Andy sure don't think so and advised me that it needs to promptly leave the house! Alice thinks "it's gross mummy, I'm on Dad's side" 
So what do you lovelies say ?
I will admit that I was charmed by the floral pattern and also wasn't sure about the whole pyrex joy but I have been coming round to the idea after following the lovely Flora and Purl blog which you can find here
She is a great collector of nostalgic Pyrex xox

And out of the corner of my eye I spotted this

Oh, hello Emu snowball, nice to meet you, I know a little girl who would love to knit you xox
At £1.00 I wasn't complaining and in fact felt a little guilty. My way of dealing with this is to donate my next spring clean charity bag to the Macmillan shop.
I'm not sure about you but I tend to try and give my charity shop bags to certain charities and I forget about how many more need our goods.

Long live sweet charity (shops) xox
I'll leave you with a little photo of 1 picked Auricula flower from Alice's art teacher's garden, they are so beautiful. Alice plans to do a little watercolour of this flower this weekend.

Blessings and sweet memories to you all xox


  1. I LOVE charity shops! What lovely items you purchased. I've disappointingly not found much at all in recent months and am hoping the sunshine will spur people on to have a turf out of their cupboards. Have a good weekend xx

  2. Hi Penelope , love your bathmat ...what a great idea !!
    Charity shops are my favourite places at the moment...funny coz a few years ago I could not stand them :0)
    Great that your little girl is getting into knitting too .
    Jacquie x

  3. I love the pyrex bowl. And the knitting needles. Round where I live I think there are too many people thrifting - I never find anything! And the bath mat - what a great my new bathroom is installed I think I'll have a go at one of those. And yes, the ends... I too have learned it really is best to weave them in properly and with a longer tail than you'd think necessary!

  4. Oooh yay- I Pyrex convert! Love that floral pattern and also love the knitting needles x

  5. great haul P - vintage pyrex is very collectable- good spot, and at 50p it would be rude not to!

  6. Pyrex is gorgeous - it's definately a taste thing I guess. You lucky thing finding pink needles they're delicious and in a 4mm will get used a lot I bet. Loved your ripples and how you've left a wider spacing of blue.

    All yummy really.


  7. Oh that picture is AWESOME, I love foot pictures and have been known to post quite a few myself. LOL. I also recently had my first go at the ripple pattern and loved it so much until I got to the sleeves and for some reason it keeps NOT working! Your's looks lovely. I love the colours.

  8. Your bowl is more than lovely! -- and your ripple bath mat is so delightful!

  9. What a brilliant time you've been having at the charity shops (we call them op shops over here and I am addicted to visiting my local one). I love, love, love the knitting needles! Have a fab week.

  10. Some fab CS finds there :)

    Just found your blog via a comment on another - can't remember which one!

    Love your header - one of the best I've seen :)

  11. Lovely bathmath!! And such great vintage needles!!!

  12. Oh I love those vintage needles! They're so cheerful and delightful! Beautiful bathmat and the bowl looks amazing! Great finds! :)
    Hope you have a fab week! x

  13. Now that's a brilliant idea, crocheting a bath mat! I love your ripple bath mat, and well done on those vintage needle finds, I collect them too! Love Vanessa xxx

  14. I love your charity shop finds! i used to go crazy for op shops and was at them any chance I got... would you believe that in Jan I had a clean out and I sent, no jokes, two car loads of clothing and stuff I had bought from them and never worn back to the shop and since then I've become a veeeeeeeeeeeeery discerning op shopper!!! We always send ours to Opportunity for Animals as it is a charity that still sells things for decent prices instead of the salvation army which sells things for prices that are almost matching new shops! Crazy!
    Finding wool at an op shop is the best thing ever!
    Oh and I love your bath mat, what a great idea!

  15. Vintage pyrex and knitting needles - what better combination could there be? Just love them.

    The ripple looks fab - beautiful colours and a perfect use.

    Nina x

  16. cute pyrex. i knew from the pattern that you must be a brit!