Wednesday 23 March 2011

Is there an Angel in the house?

What a week of sunshine and blue skies we are having... I even pulled out a pair of my Birkenstock sandals yesterday to let my anaemic toes see the sunshine (sorry not a pretty image!). I just feel my soul lifting in this Spring weather and am overwhelmed at how nature unfolds into a canvas of colour and beauty. Thank you God for my eyesight xox

Don't these pink blossoms just make you squeal with delight?

I feel speechless in Spring, something for those who know me is a rather unusual characteristic for me ( me a chatterbox ? No !) I sometimes think the English language cannot quite describe what extreme joy fills my heart in this season xox I am aware that this only applies to the Northern hemisphere and for all those lovelies down South I am sure you are starting to notice how nature is curling up her colours and bringing out her other beauty as Autumn approaches xox

So...lets talk about Angels in my house. When  I picked my favourite Angel up from school yesterday, she came running up to me and gave me a big hug and said "Mummy I am soooooo excited, I've got some really exciting news for you, you'll never guess what, I've joined the knitting club at school! ". It was the sweetest thing and she couldn't wait to tell me all about it. Now secretly I am feeling Oh frabjulous day! but play it cool, remain calm and collected so as not to put her off the idea!! Isn't her school divine to have a knitting club for year 5 an 6.

Here my angel is when she was 4 years old...

She was a little fairy / angel flower girl for a dear friend of mine's wedding in South Africa and in true South African style she walked down the isle barefoot x

Alice went on to tell me it's a group of grannies that teach us mum... well I stood there and had a quick imaginary scene of me doing such a club when I retire one day..... roll on retirement in 20+ years or so still to go :0)

This morning I packed her knitting into a bag for her to take to do at break time! Am I seeing things.... has she caught the bug?

She asked if she could use this yarn as the yarn provided by the grannies was too squeaky (hee hee, her words not mine).

Long may her relationship with yarn live xox

I also wanted to say thank you to the most fabulous Alice of Crochet with Raymond for mentioning me in her last post. Alice is a true inspiration in all her hooky and needle goodness and has patterns galore to satisfy the soul, do go and visit her if you haven't already. I also seem to have so many more visitors since her post and my followers have crept up too.

So W*E*L*C*O*M*E* to all the new people who are visiting my blog, all your comments are so very much appreciated and I love meeting new crafty people this way and visiting your blogs too.

Back to the angel's..... A few weeks ago I gave into my deep curiosity about mohair, I very rarely knit / hook with anything "skinnier" than 4ply but the softness of mohair has been luring me for some time now and I thought I'd bye 1 ball of Debbie Bliss Angel from here and give it a go

It's very "hairy" but oh so extremely soft, just like a baby's bottom! I found it a bit weired to knit with at first but decided to make myself a very simple garter stitch cowl for next winter (or if we have a silly cold spell before then!). It takes a while to get used to but feels gorgeous and will no doubt be very warm for such a flimsy knit. I'm not sure if I have been convinced by mohair yet but am pleased my curiosity has been satisfied.

I'll pop it on the blog you when it's finished, I thought it might even be nice to sew a sparkly sequin or 2 on this whispy cowl, we'll see. Have you ever tried to knit / hook with mohair?
My crochet granny squares from my last post are coming on a treat and I think I will be making yet another blanket for our front room, then there will be no squabbles about who gets to share one of the two blankets we already have  as we'll each have one for next winter.
I'll leave you with a photo of my African Angel whom I purchased about 6 years ago, I loved her at first sight in the Durban African Arts Centre as she looked fierce and determined and equipped for what lay ahead of her in life xox Bye for now and see you soon xox Enjoy all the Angels in your life.


  1. I'm so glad your little one is enjoying knitting group. My son goes to the one at his school. He's the only boy but he doesn't mind.

    I must say I've never been lured by fluffy yarn, I'm so worried I would get in a tangle and ruin it.

  2. What a great club to have at school, looking forward to seeing her makes soon. xx

  3. I bet your completely chuffed about your little girl joining the knitting club, I would be too..! I lovvee the yarn that she chose to knit with and was hoping you would be able to tell me what it is so that I can puchase some for my own use..! The colour is just lovely. :)
    I haven't tried knitting/crocheting with mohair myself as I'm just not too sure what I would do with it..!
    Ashley xx (Love your blog by the way.)

  4. Yes, thanks Alice, I did pop over from her blog and love your blog already. How wonderful that your little one has joined a knitting group! AWESOME! But why wait till your a granny to start your own? I have been teaching kids and grown ups alike to knit since I was a kid myself. I just recently learned to follow a crochet pattern via watching others and catching the bug. My latest customer was a little boy aged 7 who turned up at my door, knitting needles and a huge bag of wool in tow, politely asking if I could show him how its done. He knitted a couple of rows packed it all up, thanked me for my time and left....It was hilarious!

  5. We need knitting groups here I think, such a great idea. Yes I actually attempted to crochet with mohair a few weeks ago, I gave up, knitting with it is easier for me, only because I have knitted for most of my life and crochet is still 'baby steps' for me. Your blog is lovely.
    x Sandi

  6. I am one of your new followers from Alice's blog :) *waves* I came to look when she linked you and loved your blog! :)
    I think it's great that your little one has started knitting! I hope she carries on! I have only just started to learn how to knit, I'm a crochet girl :) Then again, I have only been doing that for a year! Feels like I've been doing it for life already though!

    Samantha x

  7. Ooh that mohair looks lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing it modelled! Face and all please!!!
    And I do like Alice's yarn too... I also get a sneaky he he he happening that she is already a bit of a yarn snob! Best to start early!!!!!!
    Do you know, I thought of you the other day when I cast off my Noro scarf and realised I had just knit my first ever 4ply thing, and it wasn't that bad! Just as quick as 8ply it seemed, but sooooo much flimsier and more sophisticated!!!!!
    Have a lovely week XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  8. Beautiful mohair I can almost feel it through the screen! How lovely Alice has joined the knitting group it's funny how we know what she means by squeaky wool.
    Jo x

  9. I have two balls of mohair which I don't know what to do with - hat or yet another scarf? How lovely that your little angel is learning to knit and is so enthusiastic about it. My daughter thinks it is deeply uncool to crochet. She is making me feel very old!