Saturday 14 May 2011

Flying socks!

Hello it's me again! Can I say thank you and welcome to all of you and yes I did notice my followers creeping up to 101 ... it seems a little silly really but actually it's true what a lot of you lovelies have said on your own blogs how much of a sense of community and virtual friendships blogging brings and like the gorgeous Alice says without the comments no doubt, like with any diaries I have kept in the past I would have given up a while ago. By the way she is having a dotty give-away if any of you have not yet visited - go and see xox

Now back to the subject at hand (or is that foot?) .... this week whilst my beloved Andy was away in Strasbourgh and surrounding area on business, Alice and I had another girly week and waited in anticipation for him to come home.

As you can see, it's a beautiful place, wish I could have accompanied him! Now, back to the waiting in anticipation... Alice slept on his side of the bed, wore a t-shirt of his so she could be close to him and made him a welcome home Papa card. As for me, I missed him no doubt and it was good to have him home last night happy, tired and safe and sound BUT part of my anticipation on him coming home was the return of THE CAMERA (ssshhhhh don't tell him ;0)

This is why I have not posted this week and I've been itching to show you some soxy love, so here goes

I must say that it was a great joy accomplishing knitting my own pair of diamond paneled socks, I have only sewn up one so far but couldn't wait to log it here in blog land, not only did I get the thrills of the "knit factor" by learning new skills but I was most excited to see it evolved as I went on. I have been searching for a 2 needle sock pattern for ages (remember my fear of DPN's?) and found this modern take on some 1930's styled socks from a great web sit called "All about you" found here which I have mentioned before. It's a UK based website linked to a lot of the magazines published in the UK, aimed at women mostly and has a lot of free knitting and crochet patterns which you may want to explore.

So, according to the pattern this is what my socks should look like (don't you just love those shoes)

And here is mine

So .... a little different but a little similar? As you can see I am an amateur knitter and kept my beginnings of making the sock in ribbing, not what the pattern asked of me! and my sewing up of my sock is not quite as neat and my shoes are not vintage and my legs are not perfectly shaved and my floor is not quite as clean!

However, I LOVE my sock(s) and my legs, my floor and my shoes


Oh how I love my shoes mmmmmmwhaaa .... sorry got carried away. My mum likes to tell me the story of when I was little and whenever we had visitors or we visited friends all the women knew I was coming and took their shoes off for me to try on and play in, so I've always had a fascination with shoes and wish I could be a little more daring in my choice of shoes.

Anyway, in case you were wondering where I got these deliciously comfy shoes about 3 years ago and what make they are I thought I'd show you

Yep, you guessed it they are FLY of London shoes and if you click this link you'll be able to see a website that I found that stocks most of their eclectic range. I bought mine in a shop in Brighton and was on my own ummming and ahhhhing over the design, colour and cost and after trying them on a couple of times and walking away and thinking Am I crazy? I've never worn a pair of red shoes before, I usually go for the neutral brown / black leather but then that little part of me that little eccentric part of me came shining through and I bought them and have never looked back! In fact I now have a pair of brown leather shoes in this style and a pair of divine brown boots too ( all bought in the sales mind you and yes they are brown!).

I super love them and always forget about them in winter and when the spring arrives I love releasing my sandals and summer shoes and locking up those winter brrr brrrr shoes.

They are chunky and squishy and yummy
Enough to make you wants to fly

Have a wonderful weekend, I intend to xox 


  1. Lovely shoes and lovely socks! If I was you, I'd spend all day walking around looking down and just admiring myself :)

  2. ohhhh socks done on two needles did you say, ohhhhhh how sweet you are. I am going to lock you in and attempt to make me a pair when I get home. They are beautiful and I think your shoes are fabulous too. I am also a bit of a safe shoe purchaser, but have been known to buy outside my comfort zone and love it. Bless you sock queen on two needles for leading me to such joy!! Have a wonderful weekend in your new socks, your man and camera home and lovely red shoes.

  3. Hi, I am new to your blog and am delighted by this post. Strasbourgh looks amazing, wow, those buildings. But I LOVE your divine socks and shoes combo. I love the purple shpes and the socks in the pattern too, but with the red it is even better. How cute are the shoes? I wish I had the patience for knitting and crochet.

  4. your socks are so lovely Penelope! I have to say, I prefer how you modified them with the ribbing at the top, they look much more wearable and so lovely! Yaaaaaay!!!! And yes, very sweet with the very cool shoes!

    I think you need to get your own camera! And yay for 102 followers, well done! Have a lovely weekend!
    oh and p.s. Yes, I love my avoca rose tea towel! It's just for prettiness not for drying dishes and goes perfectly with the polka dot tea pot! thank you again! I've ndver seen anything as lovely in the shops here

  5. Congrats on the 101, and congrats on those stunningly cute socks!
    They look super cute and cosy

  6. Pretty socks, I just said on Alice's post that I really need to knit myself a pair, now with the link you provided I just may be able to.
    x Sandi

  7. I just love your shoes and the new cozy socks!

  8. I WANT YOUR SHOES !!!! love your socks, you are very clever. xx

  9. The socks look gread but I do, do, DO want those shoes! They are fab!!!!

  10. GREAT, I mean great! woops!

  11. I have those shoes in brown and want them in red but I don't think they come in that colour anymore unfortunately.
    The blog list thing...under the design tab you should be able to see what pictures/gadgets are displayed. Find the one that lists the blogs you read and click 'edit'. A 'configure blog list' dialog box should be displayed. I have blogs sorted by 'most recently updated' and have 'date of last update' checked in the list of options. Save your changes hopefully that will work.

  12. Love 'em!!!!!! Very cool shoes, very cool socks, very cool all round, love 'em!!!!!!!!! And the colour of your socks with those fab shoes is rather wonderful too! Love Vanessa xxx

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