Friday 20 May 2011

Strange fruit

It's friday! Hooray for the weekend!

I've taken a couple hours off work and come home early today and found myself doing a little cleaning, hanging out the washing in the glorious sunshine and making a yummy salad for tea what else needs doing? Oh yes, maybe a little hooky joy before I fetch Alice from school

I got my greedy paws on the new crafty magazine Mollie Makes which has just been published. I first heard about it on a few blogs at the beginning of this week and thought ooooh I neeed a copy of that and promptly hopped on my bicycle into town only to be dissappointed that it had sold out! Fortunately, I managed to find the last copy in a major supermarket the next day and was best pleased. It's a gorgeous publication with every detail having been thought out beautifully. If you pop into the link above you can get a sampler of what some of the pages look like inside. I would say it's defnitely my kind of crafty handmade magazine and something to collect over time.

So far Mollie Makes Me....

Happy with this...

Very simple and Quirky

Apple Cosy xox

Blessings and little flowers and dreamy days to all of you this weekend xxx


  1. I fear I may have left it too late to get a copy of this magazine. Must go hunt for one tomorrow. I adore the apple cosy and the button is so cute. My kids would love having these in their packed lunches. Have a great weekend. x

  2. Oh Wow , love your apple cozy !!
    I was looking for this magazine in the supermarket today but no luck :0(
    Jacquie x

  3. Love that shade of blue, gorgeous.
    Was starting to feel like the only crafter without a copy of Mollie Makes, but it sounds like it's selling out everywhere fast!

  4. Love the apple cosy! To anyone still looking for the mag, Hobbycraft had lots of them earlier in the week so might be worth a look.

  5. Ohh... Just went and checked out your link to Mollie Makes. Looks yummy! And your apple cozy... So so pretty! Wishing you a happy weekend. :)

  6. Alas this is not available here in Australia....yet! We may get it, I did have a look at the site and was able to print out the Apple Cosy pattern, which makes me happy. I love the color you chose.
    x Sandi

  7. Ooh I want to read that magazine! I've seen it on a couple of blogs but haven't seen it in the shops here! your apple cozy is too cute! :O)

    I enjoyed reading about your afternoon off! I have an essay looming over my head which takes a bit of shine out of relaxation, so yay, next friday it's done!

    Have a wonderful weekend Penelope! it's saturday night here, so saturday morning for you, hope you have a good one!

  8. Penelope,

    I love, love your phrase ---> "hooky joy".

    And your apple cosy is delightful, to say the least.

  9. As usual doing a quick catch up here on a fe wof your posts so hope you can follow what I'm on about. Like you I finally tracked down Mollie Makes and it was worth it wasn't it. I'd definately recommend Jane B's book to you as I think from all you make you'd love it. Lots that Alice could try too.

    Hope all ok with the school trip. Little Bun has the rabbit - she's called Willa and has to put up with Charlie the Bear who is loud and Pom the dog.

    Loved your socks, they look beautiful as do your red shoes. I lust after those ones, but can't decide if I'm too tall for them and would wobble.