Monday 2 May 2011

May day happiness

Hello, thanks for visiting and for commenting on my ramblings of some of my thoughts and life moments. It's a gorgeously but slightly blustery bank Monday morning here on the South East coast of England. I feel a little confused about what day it is and where I belong on bank holidays... each day feels like a Saturday to me! Have you had a great break this May day weekend? Wasn't the royal wedding simply elegant and beautiful? We had a right royal time with a street party and some house decorating for fun xox

Alice made a scrabble poster and I made a heart poster to put in our bay window but only once I had put it up did I spot the obvious "toilet" sign !!!!!!!

Ooops silly me! Sorry William and Catherine!

This was a poster in one of my neighbour's front window.

The street party was fun and Alice enjoyed having her face painted, watching tug-of-war and the band and Morris dancers.

If you watched the wedding and had your own party / celebrations I hope you had a lovely, memorable time. It was great to see a lot of people's spirits lifted by a happy day here in Britain.

The rest of the weekend brought moments of real happiness and special times with my family and a little celebration of my birthday. I loved speaking to my mum and dad in South Africa and reading all the texts, cards and well wishes and phone messages I received. Here are some snap shots of my spoilt yesterday...

Nothing like a wild posie of flowers xox

Some exquisite self seeded poppies on the way to Litlington tea rooms for a delightful cream tea

Litlington is a tiny village in the Sussex downs just past Wilmington which is famous for the Longman of Wilmington one of the two main hillside human figures in England.

The temptation was too high to resist, Alice in amongst that rapeseed field xox

Another temptation impossible to resist, mmmmmmm yummy!

Sussex trugs - love 'em

Pretty twine and scissors

Home again... what a lovely time, blessed with my life and so much to be grateful for xox


  1. That last photo of the country lane is beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful day on the wedding, we had a great party too, and I'm coming to the conclusion that those of us who had parties had the best day on the day of the royal wedding. Wasn't she beautiful, I loved her dress. Love Vanessa xxx

  2. ahhh, gorgeous photos Penelope x

  3. got up at 3am to watch the wedding. so happy! and i cried! they are obviously so in love, and we wish them all happiness! Congrats Britain!!

  4. It all looks so wonderful. I love the golden fields.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  5. Haven't you been busy?! I looove those trugs, and the twine and old-fashioned scissors. Isn't it funny how the most mundane things can be simply beautiful?
    Jane x

  6. Fab photographs. Apparently the British were the only country in Europe to carve images into the hillsides. I thought that very interesting when I heard it recently. It was to mark territory, of course!