Monday 30 May 2011

Being Human

It's a busy business being human don't you think? Although Alice might disagree with me as she did earlier on today saying "I'm bored".... (un)fortunately for her she has a mother and father who elaborate on the meaning of words and has a similar response to this every time she complains of being bored. This involves a mini-lecture regarding her multi-listed gezillion things she has and can do to not be bored (and to count her blessings for these of course), followed by boredom being a big part of being human in work, play and rest and that there really is no such thing as bored it's only you who makes it so! This is then followed by the whole instant gratification lecture by which time she had almost switched off and last but not least the comparison of our childhood's in the 1970's to hers! Please tell me this is normal parenting or I shall no doubt scream ;0)

Eeeeekkk that looks a lot hairier close up!

So, being human when you are a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, crafter, knitter, crocheter, reader, radio listener, movie watcher, cook, baker, music lover etc etc. does not lean towards boredom in my case.

A bank holiday (aka 3 day weekend in the U.K.) means a lot to one such as me.

Time to....

Hook on my granny blankie which is a mammoth task but with a continuous bit of plodding on will be ready for the autumn, lets hope anyway. I like this blanket, it's good in many ways, it's easy crochet, no masses of concentration needed, uses up all bits and balls of yarn just hanging around with no specific purpose and it's always there on the back burner when I am considering my next knit or hooky joy.

Time to....

Admire (and stroke!) new purchases from my LYS sale today

Scrummy 50% off purchases to put in my new box made by a friend's husband originally to house a few geraniums on my windowsill but I had other ideas :0)

Time to....

Rustle through Alice's wardrobe and drawers with charity shops in mind and plan a half term shopping trip to bye our growing girl more shoes, jeans and PJ's xox

Time to....

Catch up on some reading. Do you read more than 1 book at a time? bad habit I know but I like to mix a bit of fact and fiction.

Time to....

Lie on the couch and listen to one of my favourite albums from one of my favourite movies....ah bliss. 

These are some of the more pleasurable things I've been up to this weekend, I don't think you want to hear about me going cycling, going to the gym, food shopping, pulling weeds, picking up the 2 glorious people I live with's clothes off the "wardrobe of the floor", playing Scrabble and Draughts, cooking a curry, making homemade lip balm with Alice (her latest craze) and preparing the outside wall for painting!!!!!!!

Hope you have had a glorious time whatever you have been up too Till next time  
Penelope xox 


  1. Ha , the I'm bored thing sounds very familiar. I'm loving your blanket progess and your yarn planter :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. When I think about my childhood, I remeber this: Five weeks of summer vacation seemed to be never ending. And what a wonderful feeling it was when - after what seemed to be hours of boredom - suddenly an idea popped up.

    As an adult I'm 100 percent positive that boredom is the birthplace of creativity.
    However, time is short nowadays because of the many (maybe too many) ideas and projects we have.

    Nevertheless, your blanket is wonderful.

  3. Mine have learnt never to say they are bored - I can always find them some housework to do ;)

  4. What a wonderful three days you have had, books, crochet and music mixed in with all the other things that you got up to.
    x Sandi
    Oh your yarn is scrumptious.

  5. I am loving all that beautiful yarn. Looks like you had a very full weekend. :-)

    A friend posted this on her blog the other day....

    "I always tell my kids that boredom is the space between doing something and doing something else and that it is a good space. Just go with it and see what happens and very often amazing creativity comes from boredom."

  6. oooh what a lovely stash you have there in that planter!!! I'm loving the purple yarn, delish, can't wait to see what you make with it!!!!!

  7. We did that same lecture yesterday, made me laugh as we elaborated on how boring the 70's were when you were an only child and your parents spent 3 hours dragging you around a golf course every weekend. I remember reading a great article about how swinging on a door being bored was good for creativity as our kids are over stimulated and have no time to just think. Only time I get bored now is in meetings that go on for to long, we don't have the time for it do we.

    SOunds like you had a great weekend and glad your girl all back and happy after a lovely week away.

  8. Love the purple yarn! Gorgeous..! I wonder what you have planned to make with it.. :)

    Just to let you know, I've awarded you with the Kreativ blog award. Although you've probably been given loads of them before..!

    Ashley xxx

  9. I love beautiful walls like the one in your first photo too, and that one is a real beauty! I love those flowery buttons you put on your old cardi in one of your previous posts, gloriously vintage! Love Vanessa xxx