Wednesday 18 May 2011

Getting ready

Hello, how is your week treating you so far? I feel like I have been in a blurr of work related activities and non-stop home life. I have'nt had much time to do yarn related chilling out other than finishing off my second sock, which I am loving by the way and want to say a HUGE thank you for all your compliments and kind words of encouragement. Really meant a lot to me xox

This week has found me putting on a brave face as I help Alice gather all her bits and bobs to be packed into her wee suitcase for Monday when she goes to the beautiful city of York for a whole week(!!) with all the other Year 5's. That makes about 90 kids with her Head teacher and her entourage of staff. 

She goes to the most fabulous school and they are so good about having interesting school days out etc. But 1 whole week! They will be continuing their learning journey about the Vikings and have a busy schedule to fill each and every moment there. I feel a little mixed up as I'm so for her learning and growing in her independence too but she's our one and only child and such an integral part of our everyday fabric it's going to be very strange without her.

I guess I worry about her coming back and seeing a noticeable difference in her maturity and sense of identity in the world. I know I may sound like I'm being silly and I know it's going to be such a wonderful enriching experience for her but I'm just being sentimental and having to come to terms with my little girl growing up :0)

We've had to put name tags on all her things and she has had great fun dragging me around Boots the Chemist to bye all the mini-travelling shampoo's / toothpastes / soaps etc. Unfortunately she didn't think it was very "cool" to have a thrifty wash bag with me decanting enough shampoo etc from our current supplies into recycled bottles! We made a deal that I'd indulge her on this very first week away school trip and then she can recycle all the mini-travelling bottles for any future ones (they go away to the Isle of Wight in year 6).

Then there came to choice of who to take as her cuddly to sleep with, will it be Scamper, Rose or Bashful ? Which of her furry friend's would have to stay at home wrapped in their blankies waiting for her to come home?

Alice had no difficulty in choosing, it would be none other than her oldest furry friend Rose and the squares blanket she knitted for her (with my guidance) and help picking up stitches. I crocheted an edge around Rose's blanket and Alice made a little pillow for her to put her head on, very sweet indeed. 

(Rose looks a little naked there, I might just have to indulge her in a garment or two) Unfortunately Alice will have to leave her Alice pillow at home that I made for her a couple of years ago. She normally uses this to prop her up in bed when reading.

Last but not least she has chosen this badge from her collection to pin on her backpack to remind her of home xox Hhhmmmm wonder who she could be referring to there?

So that's me so far this week, I am hoping to be have some hooky time soon and am just about to make myself a cuppa and indulge in the first edition of Mollie Makes, a new crafty magazine that I spotted on Coco Rose Diaries a couple of days ago. It looks scrummy and just what I need right now, a distraction from Monday looming.

See you all soon 
Penelope xox


  1. ahh, this is the most gorgeous post. I hope she has a lovely time. I am worrying already about my son going away with the school for a week in 2 years time!!!!! we are not allowed any contact for the week - that will be my hardest thing as even if i'm away from him i always ring to say goodnight.

    I am so inlove with the teddies/blankets and the cushion - plus the badge is so so cute.

    I love your blog - you inspire me!!


  2. Oh Penelope, I know it's hard, but I'm sure that she'll come back still your lovely little girl, just with new pride in herself and her independence. And you can fill the (temporary) gap with lots of lovely yarny goodness :)
    Jane x

  3. I'm sure she have a fab time .... it's tough for mums though. My son is in year 6 and he departed today for just two nights away. At usual school home-time I have to admit to having ever-so slightly watery eyes. I keep checking his itinery to see what he's up to - apparently he'll be having supper now before a 'night walk' .. I hope he remembers to take his torch .... goodness knows what I'll be like when he's off to uni or travelling.

    My heart melted at Alice's toys all lined up under their little blankies (especially the one she made!).
    My daughter has a little lamb softy which now has a variety of outfits including a pink cardigan and tutu for when he accompanies her to ballet and a wooly hat in her brothers team colours!
    I love that badge ... and such a lovely post xxx

  4. Hi Penelope , I feel for you . My twins are going on a school trip next week but thankfully it's only three days . We are very lucky as the school posts lots of updates and picutres on the school website so you can see how they are getting on .
    Hope you find some fun things to do to take your mind off things .
    Jacquie x

  5. Aw, what a lovely post. I'm sure she'll have a lovely time and will be back before you know it.

    Her cuddlies look so sweet under their little blankies.

  6. aw, she will have a great time but I'm sure she will miss you very, very much!
    I love that pillow! (wonder why!)
    Now thank you for all the sock appreciation! Of course you could knit socks, you just need to get yourself sorted with the DPNs which is only tricky for a little while, other than that, socks are very do-able just require persistence because they take ages!
    Have youself a lovely week and remember to pop in and show us what you're up to when you get bored and lonely without your little Alice, we will send you some love!

  7. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time. When my boys first went off on cub camps at the same age I worried about them - they were fine - having too much fun to be homesick.

    BTW what a lovely name - the same as one of my gorgeous nieces :)

  8. Love the pictures! I have been admiring that cute sweater on top (pink),did you knit that?

  9. Oh, I have my heart in my mouth with you - a similar trip is planned for Eldest in September.

  10. Oh Penelope, such a lovely post you had, I love all your photos! I do hope Alice will enjoy her great time there, 1 week will fly very fast! :)
    BTW, I love love love your lace socks last post, it's adorable!
    Take care and tell Alice Hello! xo

  11. I remember my not so little boy (year six) heading off last year for his first trip away from home.....ever. How I wept - for a while that is. It makes such a big dent, but they do come back more worldly.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

    ps. the book is my idiots guide to crochet - thought I might have a go at those crochet apple cases in Mollie Makes!