Wednesday 4 May 2011

Little flower power

Hello! Hope all is fine and dandy?

Can I indulge you in what derives out of feeling the need for hooky inspiration and staring at these pretty pink petal on the mantle piece?
Some little form of petal power?

Yesterday, after a very busy day at work and dropping Alice off at her after school art class I felt a little itchy to do something different and simple and quick with my crochet hook. So I popped up into our attic where I keep my sewing machine and store my stash of vintage fabrics and my yarns (well out of sight from Andy!) and came down with a little supply of bits that i have bought over time with the intention of doing bits and bobs with them. As far as I am concerned one can never be allowed to run out of materials / stashes of fabric, yarn, buttons, cottons, beads, cardboard, glue, bias binding, ric rac, etc.... you get the picture. All these items NEED to be collected wherever I find myself, the older the better and the cheaper the better :0)

This is what I came down with

I think the wire lengths are meant to be for making earings but yesterday I had different ideas

Hook two and twist together... then wrap up in a glory of green embroidery cotton and add some sewing machine dark green cotton for effect

Find some cotton yarn and chain a bow

Admire it for a bit (he he)

After some admiration (get a grip Penelope!) whip your hook out and commence in the creating of some petal power

Simple: Chain 4, join with slip stitch, dc (UK) 5 or 6 (your choice) into centre of first chained row, *chain 3 and slip stitch into next dc stitch of previous row*, repeat this ** and complete your little cotton / yarn flower pulling the yarn/ cotton through the last slip stitch. (I hope this makes some kind of sense... I am not very good at translating what goes on inside my grey matter!!)

Sew a button / bead into the centre of your little flower and sew onto the top of the "stem"

Weave in the ends and continue as above in the colours of your choice to the finished ta-dah!

I do love a little flower power I do

(photographed on my new Cath Kidston catalogue that came through the post today)

Do you like it ? Maybe you've been inspired to have a play with this simple design, it's meant to be a brooch and I will sew the clasp bit on later, like I did with this one I also made.

Would you like to see them together?

In life one needs love
and little flowers xox
See you all soon


  1. They are amazing thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh Penelope, they're so sweet! I love pretty little things like that which make me smile :)
    Jane x

  3. Very, very lovely! I'd like to try it! Thanks for posting!

  4. Oh well they are just loverley!!!!!
    I'm not normally attracted to yellow before pink, but I reeeeeeeeeeeally love the yellow ones! Must be those cutie-pie dotty buttons in the centres!
    Lovely and easy to follow tutorial Penelope!

  5. So cute and so unusual. I also love the yellow flowers with the spotty buttons. I love a quick and simple project after spending many weeks/months on a blanket.

  6. I love the yellow ones too (although they look orange on my computer). They somehow remind me of Olive Oyl!

  7. Gorgeous and clever, can't help but make you smile.
    x Sandi

  8. Super-cute! Thanks for sharing, such another inspiring thing you did! Love it! x

  9. Eek I love them, they are very cute, what a great idea. I will be eagerly awaiting the postman now I know the new CK catalogue is out. xx

  10. How cute - I especially like the yellow ones with the spotty buttons!

  11. very creative Penelope! Don't u just love it when a flash of inspiration hits you ! x

  12. Marvellous! This post was so exciting to read, and see how it was all going to develop, and the result is wonderful! Love Vanessa xxx

  13. Love those brooches, so pretty!
    I have nominated you for a blog award, pop over to Planet Penny to find out more. Just 'spreading the love'!

  14. Beautiful! Well done clever you.