Wednesday 22 June 2011


Ten minutes ago I was getting ready to settle down to writing a really colourful post about my Madeline Tosh {1 and only at £20.00!} skein I bought in Loop, London a couple of weeks ago and CRASH-BOOM-BANG, Blogger has decided that I am not worthy of uploading a photo or two. It also seems that Blogger has been causing hastle with lovely people trying to comment on some of my posts, so sorry about that and I really appreciate your efforts at trying :0)If you do want to contact me feel free to e- mail me at

So, needless to say I am feeling a little irate, let alone frustrated as Wednesday late afternoon is my guaranteed time on the computer. Alice is in an after school club and Andy is not home from work yet, so there are no queues for the laptop!

Ho hum, I guess I'm going to have to go for that cycle I was umming and ahhhing about and release my frustrations in my pedals and the blustery day we are having today.

I hope your world is not colourless today and hope to be back as soon as blogger behaves. Take a deep breath Penelope....

ed. Oh my goodiness I've found another way to upload my photo's but I have run out of time to tell you about it! I'll just have to keep you waiting with this sneak peak :o)


  1. I perfectly understand your frustration. So hopefully everything is back on track verrrry sooooon.

    Looking forward to you colourful post.


  2. I'm quite glad I blogged earlier today, before the problems started - just catching up on blogs I've not read for a week or two and so many people seem to have had problems this afternoon!

    That blue yarn is lovely!

  3. Well, I'm intrigued...20 pounds ??? Must be very special, can't wait to see what you have planned for it.
    Take care

  4. that madeline tosh looks soooooooooooo soft!!! Can't wait to see your colourful post!

  5. Wow that is some yarn, color is gorgeous, sure would bring out the blue in my eyes. Gosh Blogger are just not coming to the party lately are they. They may lose a lot of people if not careful.
    x Sandi