Sunday 12 June 2011


*{Loop = Something having a shape, order, or path of motion that is circular or curved over on itself.}

Hello to all of you, it's wet and grey and windy here and I have just awoken from a sneaky under the granny blanket sleep after a delicious big vegetarian roast dinner and upside-down pineapple pudding and custard made by my beautiful husband.

I slept little last night having arrived back from a jam packed day in the city (ie. London) yesterday and a 2 hour train ride home eventualy led to getting my weary feet into bed at 1.30am. Boy was dog tired but boy was it worth it!

Yesterday was a day of reunions with a dear long time friend from University back in the late 1980's, a day of catchup, nattering, laughter, meaning, checking out each other's wrinkles(hee hee) and just girly frivolity ad decadence. To end it all we had a beautiful high tea at the Landmark Hotel, followed by cocktails at the top of the OXO tower and "staying strong" au revoirs back home again. Just beautiful to see you again Amanda, your strength and beauty as a mother of 3, your courage and intelligence. We must not leave it so long next time (it was 6 and half years since we had seen each other), we must make that LOOP* again.

It always is good fun to visit London but I like coming home, I'm not a city girl and like a slower pace of life... oh dear I am getting old! Enough of that i also wanted to share with you what my first 2 hours once I had arrived in London consisted of, prior to my reunion with Amanda.

A little sparkle of a dream, a loopy, threaded one, a big desire held in a little place inside of me to go to Camden Passage (Angel tube station) to visit here...

I was in such a state of inner excitement that initially I walked right passed it!! but this too had it's benefits, I discovered Camden passage vintage and antiques markets, shops and cafes ... too beautiful, it brought out that bohemian side of me and I was transported to a different world of memories and life when I lived in London. Loved it all xox

There is a stunning shop called Fat Cat Face and it was full of all things vintage and retro, I found it hard to pull myself away to go and find Loop {have a browse around their website, it's sumptuous}


Ok then back to Loop,

What a window display, stunning don't you think? with Julie Arkell's whwhimsical little papier mache and knitted sculpture suggesting we all just knit more.

Inside this indescribable shop was row and shelf after shelf brim with colourways of yarn that would make your heart melt, that is if you a a yarn lover, stroker, admirer like I'm becoming and I know most of you who pop into my blog are so I'm preaching to the converted. So here is a little taster of the inner depths of loop

I feel speechless and overwhelmed looking at these photo's again. It was a truly one off experience for me, the staff were so lovely and helpful and the books and tension squares and ready knitted patterns were all perfect. A little part of my soul was colour filled again and an injection of bubbly enthusiasm was gained.

I heart you Loop xox

By default I found out it was public knitting day and I felt a little chuffed that I had without knowing been knitting on the train up to London and on the tube :0)
Did you do some public knitting?

Needless to say they had a 10% off all sales in Loop and I did me some shoppin'
I'll show you very soon, hope you have all had a weekend of the loopiest kind x


  1. what a fab day, and great shops! my best friend and i are heading to london for the weekend in Sept to celebrate her 40th and I can't wait!!!

  2. hey - pleased to meet you too - and find an(other) shopping must to add to the list! (off to london in a couple of weeks but need to hold back on the girly stuff - have been terribly indulged recently as you know!)

    Off for a little nosey round - your blog looks lovely. I've made some lovely new blogging pals through VV - must remember to thank her...
    fee x
    have a good new week

  3. What a lovely shop - think it might have to be a must do next fun trip to London! I could happily spend best part of a day in Camden markets so great to have another reason to go to Camden too! Looking forward to seeing your shopping haul and what you're going to do with it! :-)

  4. To a non knitter/crocheter it is hard to understand how much we LOVE yarn and how it makes us feel inside. Loop is gorgeous with some very gorgeous yarn. So nice to catch up with friends :)
    x Sandi

  5. Just gorgeous! Sounds like a perfectly lovely little yarn shop. Off to pop into there online store and have a look. Wishing you a happy week. :)

  6. Wow! Another beautiful post! I'm glad you enjoyed a great day in London! Isn't it a wonderful place to visit! How I love the yarn shop, it looks gorgeous, it has all what I would die for! :)
    Happy new week my dear friend!
    Love and hugs, xoxo

  7. Hi! its Ava from Australia :) What a gorgeous blog you have ! Can't wait to read more xx

  8. Oooh Penelope, you lucky thing to go to Loop - it looks gorgeous! I've wanted to go there since I saw their ad in Mollie Makes. I must have a look at their site. Not the same as browsing and touching the real thing though... Lovely to meet old friends again too. What a happy post!
    Jane x

  9. i so have to go to loop, really hoping to get up there on a birthday trip to london next month! looks like you had a lovely day,

  10. Stunning pictures and I love the look of Fat Cat Face - vintage heaven.

    Nina x

  11. Hi, just found your blog via hopping whilst keeping an eye on the tea!

    Love the look of that shop, it looks gorgeous. Love the window display too. Love the blanket on the back of the sofa too!

    I crochet more than knit. I can do a basic plain and pearl(?) in knitting in a square of scarf shape and that is about it! lol. I sew too although that hasnt happened much just lately.

    Its always a lovely and wonderful thing to spend time with a friend. Glad you had a good time.

    MBB x

  12. Just found your blog, and really enjoyed your post - sounds like you had great fun! I've never been into Loop but wondered why so many people were talking about it: the colours look amazingly inspirational! Erika Price Jewelry

  13. What a great post, beautiful pics. It's great to drink in all theose colours.

    Clare x