Thursday 9 June 2011

Ribb-it, Rabb-it, Frogg-it, Make-it

Hello again, thanks for stopping by, your comments are great and I really appreciate them and I do try and pop into your blogs if you have one. It makes me smile when I switch on the laptop and see a new comment, such simple pleasure so Thank You once again.

Anyone for some ice-cream? Strawberry, mint, vanilla?

Do you remember my ice-cream colours of Debbie Bliss yarn I was making into this ?

Well, my plan for it turned out rubbish and I was not at all happy with my hooking results so I decided to frogg-it or
rabb-it(ing) as the lovely Alice calls it in her house. There was no means of rescuing my 'trying to be fast at making a cushion cover', 'thinking how clever am i' alter ego mania. Hence, the little balls of cotton ice-cream all frogged and popped in a 40p charity shop find. A find of one of my favourite kind....

The tin kind that is. Ooooh I love a little bit of tin crockery I do, especially with a pretty flower pattern painted on it and a pretty place to pop my wee balls of cotton xox

A lovely beginning to my evening yesterday especially when I came home and found this month's ed. of Country Living on my door mat.

Simplicity... it ain't gonna take much to please me!

40p for the tin bowl + 40p for a wooden spoon, vintage needles and hook = one happy bunny

Now that I have ribbited, rabbited and froggited I need to be mak'in it, so I have decided to make a long wanted and much lusted after pretty pastel baby garland which I hope to share with all you lovelies soon. 

I hope you have all had a marvelous week so far and are looking forward to some R & R this weekend. I am off for my girly pamper day in London on Saturday with a very special friend who went to Uni with me and has always been an important part of my life, she is flying over from Zurich for a few days and I can't wait. 

I'll leave you with a practical solution I came up with on Monday when we went to Brighton (with crochet in my bag of course). It's a simple solution if you have access to a cork or two and if you are disorganised like me and just chuck all your knitting/hooky stuff/equipment into a big old bag to carry over your shoulder when you go out.

Ta dah....

This was a much needed solution after all those months of having a prickle every now and again from my little scissors!

Remember what I said about simplicity!

till next time
over and out
Penelope xox


  1. Oh no! It's a shame you frogged it but you have to do these things if you aren't happy. Loving your bargain finds, well done :-D x x

  2. OK penelope, I'm going to try commenting again!!! I've left a few lately, but I keep getting bumped to bloggers home page, very annoying!
    Firstly, yes, fabulous solution to the scissors, you are a genious!
    And those lovely colours, they are so sweet, can't wait to see what you make with the fabric, as well as seeing the garland!
    have a wonderful time with your friend,
    see you nexxt week!XXX

  3. Awww no, such a shame that you had to frog it all! The colours went so well together and look so lovely and soft.. what is the yarn that you were using..?
    Brilliant idea for the end of the scissors!

    Ashley xx

  4. ohhhh love the scissors 'keep'. What a great idea. As for frogging, hmmmm, sometimes we need to go back a few steps in order to go forwards a few more steps. hmmmmm, yeah nah, at least you have stash still. lol. The colours are lovely and I so love your new bowl. Wow, what a find. Have a wonderful special weekend with your friend.