Wednesday 1 June 2011

Creative awarding

I feel overwhelmed at my 2 Kreativ Blogger awards given to me by the lovely Victoria at Yarn around Hook and the lovely Ashley at Country Rose. Thank you both so much! If you'd like to see beautiful blogs go and visit them for gorgeous colours and inspiration.

I now need to reveal 10 things about myself! This is getting harder and harder! I'd like to think "exposing" myself on the WWW in the form of a blog will one day provide Alice a source of amusement as to what a crazy mum she's got :0) So here goes:

1. I get called Lady Penelope at work by some colleagues because of my fussiness over what I eat and snobbery of where I prefer to eat out!

2. I don't like wasting anything and despite being a bit of an obsessive neat freak (as Victoria put it) I manage to use up, recycle and distribute anything excessive in my life.

3. I once woke up in my 20's and thought I had too many clothes in my wardrobe, too many books on my shelf and too many hairs on my head so decided to get rid of my hair and had to cut very very short (about a number 4 on those shearer thingies) It was very liberating.

4. I used to have the odd cigarette with a smoker friend of mine and we used to smoke in the movies blowing our smoke into our emptied popcorn boxes....Eeeerr GROSS!

5. I love sleeping, I have to make it a ceremony every night and cannot have anything other than 100% pure crisp cotton bed clothes. I even take sheets and pillow cases with me on holiday for comfort (crazy girl!)

6. I once sat in a pub in Winchester with Jeremy Irons sitting diagonally from me. I like him as an Actor.

7. I love drinking tea, lots of it and that also has to be a ceremony if I can help it....tea pot, tea cosy etc

8. I'm very excited about seeing a dear University friend of mine in London in a couple of Saturday's time. She's flying from her home in Zurich to meet up with me and a few girly's to have a pamper day in posh parts of London, beauty treatments, high tea, cocktails ... something I have never done!

9. I knew I had given life to a new beautiful baby girl when I held her close and could feel her little breath on my neck and it felt like I became complete with new life and new joy.

10. I used to grind my teeth when I sleep but Andy hasn't grumbled about it for a year or so, so hence the "used to", Here's hoping anyway!

I'm loving all your comments, visiting all your blogs, admiring all your lovely makes. Look forward to showing you my latest knitting project.... it's a great pattern for a beginner like me and it's something I have been super itching to make.

Introducing.......The Shalom Cardigan (if you haven't met before)
which can be found here on Ravelry as a free down load

Heee haaaa I'm a very excited knitty ditty girl, hope to have it done sooner rather than later and to show you my efforts.

Toodle pip and off i go xox


  1. Congratulations!

    And that looks like a lovely pattern. Can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  2. Oooh that is a lovely cardigan, I might just have to make that one too!

  3. Maybe Andy's just got used to your teeth grinding or he's sleeping heavier!

  4. Hi, FIrst time visiting here. I enjoyed looking around. Congratulations on your blogger award. I was admiring your lovely cardigan. I'm going to have to look up that pattern on ravelry as it looks really fun.