Saturday 18 June 2011

Tired of waiting

Hellloooooooo, this is a quick and friendly post just to say hope you are having a relaxing weekend so far and to say that I wanted to tell you about my second purchase from Loop in London

View from a cocktail bar in the OXO tower on London's South Bank 

I could not resist this STUNNING book by Jane Brocket which many fellow knitting bloggers have already featured on their blogs. I was desperate to get my grubby paws on a copy and since my LYS didn't have it I ordered it to loan from my library, paid 80p for the pleasure and have been waiting with bated breathe for it to arrive for 4 weeks now. I normally like to 'study' a book before I purchase it but this time I got tired, so tired and impatient, tired of waiting, waiting , waiting  and so when I was in London a week ago it simply had to go in my basket.

Here it is...

It's difficult for me to express how very much I L-O-V-E this book, my very FIRST knitting book ever and I could not have asked for a more gentle and beautifully orchestrated knitting book to build one's confidence and knowledge together with quirky ideas for what wine to drink with your knitting or cake to have with a cuppa and your knitting. You will not be disappointed if you buy this beautiful book of sheer knitting (and two heavenly crochet blankets) pleasure.

Go on you know you want to spoil yourself xox 


  1. I have that book too - like you say some lovely not to difficult ideas in there :)

    Stunning header pic btw :)

  2. After seeing the crochet pattern she did for Mollie Makes, I was disappointed to find she hasn't written a crochet book. Maybe that's her next project... Have to say, your photo from the cocktail bar is really beautiful. Could be in a gallery.
    Jane x

  3. oooh yes, I bought it from the book depository!!! It wasn't available in NZ until after it arrived from the UK for half the price, crazy, but yes, I am in love with it too!!!!!
    What are you going to make first?! :O)
    I'm thinking... the mustard seed scarf for my darling KB in some natural handspun for her 40th in a couple of months... might just do the trick for a lovely gift!
    Ooh, and the coathanger covers....
    it's all so great!
    have a lovely beginning to your week!

  4. Loving your new header! Gorgeous!

    I have seen this book doing the rounds in blogland and have to say I am tempted! As I may have said before I am more into crocheting but can knit a little so would love to learn a little bit more.

    I can feel an Amazon hunt coming on!..........

    MBB x

  5. Hi Penelope,
    Thanks for introducing this book! You made me think about it all the time!!! After reading you I know I must have it! It's not available in my place, so I have to place an order on Amazon, but how I hate waiting!!! :)
    Great week to you! xo

  6. Love your header pic!
    That book is on my Amazon wishlist, along with several others!