Tuesday 28 June 2011

Happiness is...

Making a fabric hexagon patchwork in the hot sunshine this last weekend and day dreaming about my childhood

Crocheting round and round to make cotton face cleansing cloths for bath time (one for Alice one for me) 

Blue skies and sunshine

Chilling on the roof of the De la Warr Pavilion whilst watching Alice playing some Indonesian drums in a workshop she attended

Stopping and smelling the roses

Meeting Higgins of Planet Penny fame xox What an absolute delight and treasure he is!

A little difficult to demand a still shot of him though, without Penny calling him for me :0) He truly is perfect in every way and I can see why he's such a hit on Penny's blog and facebook! 

A Saturday morning trip to The Owl and Sewing Cat in Eastbourne to buy a pattern for a skirt I've had my eye on for some time now and indulge in some gorgeous cotton printed fabrics. Have a look at their website it's a delight to behold and soooooo easy to spend your cash in a flash :0)

They have such great workshops from beginner's through to the  more experienced and are ever so popular. Even more exciting news is that the Owner of this gorgeous shop has taken a lease out on the shop next door and will be extending her shop into stocking a range of beautiful yarns for knitting and crochet. I can't wait !

My new Amy Butler Barcelona A-line skirt pattern I bought from the Owl and Sewing cat and used to make a skirt on Saturday from this pretty American cotton

Such a fun pattern and good quality fabric (I thought it may eve have a 1950's look about it ? or is it just me willing that?)

A perfect Saturday afternoon project for a hot and humid weekend (note the un-ironed skirt! I don't know about you but when I make myself something to wear i have zero patience to wait to wash, dry and iron it, it needs to be worn as soon as :) 

When i was at University I sewed most of my own clothes as I always wanted to be a little different and have original fabrics. It was such fun sewing this easy peasy A-line skirt especially with the new over locker my mum very generously contributed to for my 40th birthday last year. What a blessed life I have.

Last but not least some of the rest of my weekend photographs.

Here's wishing you sunshine and happy days for the rest of the week ahead xox


  1. wow you have had a lovely time! I really like the fabric you made the skirt in. i do love eastbourne, i have family there, so luckily i get to visit alot. x

  2. It looks like you have been making the most of your time! That skirt is lovely and love the soft green of the fabric.

    That shop looks like a place you could spend a lot of time and money! Just gorgeous.

    Here's to more sunny weekends.

    MBB x

  3. the skirt is just lovely, the drummming workshop looks like it was fun, and i want to go to that shop!!!!

  4. wow, you really are having summer over there! Your lovely brown legs and sandals and pretty, pretty skirts are such a contrast to my fleece, heater and hot water bottle!!!!! (And pasty white legs!) It looks lovely and is making me feel all warm inside, glad you had a lovely weekend and met Higgins!! How exciting!
    Have a wonderful week,
    sending you lots of love,
    Alice and RaymondXXXXX

  5. That shop looks like a dream! I'd probably end up spending far too money in there though..! I loveee that hexagon patchwork, I've sewn some similar myself out of the Cath Kidston Sew book, not too sure what I'm going to do with it though. Maybe a cushion...?!

    Ashley xx

  6. What a gorgeous post! I adore your skirt - the fabric is amazing. So very jealous that you are having skirt and bare-legged weather in your part of the world!!!! I have just lit the fire here, brrrrrr. Have a fab week.

  7. Ooooh Hexagons. I can see you've included some of that gorgeous fabric from your skirt :0)
    I used to make my clothes as a teenager. I even made my eighties " meringue" wedding dress and 4 bridesmades dresses , can't imagine doing that now !!
    Love the rose and that shop looks perfect .
    Jacquie x

  8. Love those hexagons! They're very cute! Also love your skirt - beautiful fabric! That shop is so amazing, you are so lucky and happy having so many lovely things around you! And, Alice looks fab with those drums! Gorgeous post as always! xo

  9. Hullo Penelope, oh how beautiful are your hexagons, what lovely colours. You are brave, I have not gone 'there' yet. lol. Your skirt is beautiful. I am currently wearing a skirt that I normally wear in summer, however, I have leggings and boots to go with it. No bare legs here for a few months yet, it's chilly, so it's lovely to see your sexy summery legs and painted toes. I popped over the the blog your recommended to me, oh thank you, how wonderful to read more of the same. It was really difficult for me to be brave and publish it, but now I am so glad I did. Thank you again and enjoy your lovely sunshine.

  10. I love it all - and such fab pictures.

    Have a beautiful day,

    Nina x

  11. LOVE the skirt! Definitely has a retro vibe about it. I'm itching to make myself a summer skirt or two but have not found any nice fabric, so I'm off to the Owl and Sewing Cat web for a browse...hope I don't find too much I like there...:) xx

  12. Hej Penelope!!!
    Thank you soo much always for your lovely kind comments you are such a sweetheart ;-)
    I really have been terribly bad on commentinga and really need a marathon catch up on all my favourite blogs. Schools out here in Sweden and has been since 15th June, so I have two teenage boys to entertain/clear up around and the fun and excitement of the loppis and Time for Tea, lots of baking, and everything else...feeling a bit giddy but loving the rollercoaster ride ;-D.
    I LOVE your blog and this post is WOW! You always inspire me and I get so excited and think about what I want to make n do...IN THE FUTURE...how to you do sooo many things...and so beautifully?
    Have a wonderful flowery weekend my lovely
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your girly ;-)

  13. Hola Penélope:
    Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me ha encantado.

    Me he llevado una imagen de tus hexágonos a mi blog porque intentaba hacer una recopilación de trabajos hexagonales en la red.
    Si te molesta, por favor, házmelo saber, y la retiraré.

    De todos modos, estaré encantada con tu visita.
    Un abrazo.